May 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Brazil forward Neymar (11) runs past USA defender Michael Parkhurst (2) during the second half of a men

Neymar reveals Barcelona's plan B


Lionel Messi will be out for 8 weeks with a torn hamstring. Losing their best player is a big deal, but their newest player Neymar says Barcelona has a back up plan.

“Leo had already had two muscular problems. He had come off an unprecedented marathon of matches. Frequent injuries are statistically predictable given the level of physical effort and Leo is having a spell of more predispositions to injuries,” Neymar told Revista da Internet.

“Before his injury was confirmed and as a way to prevent it, the coach created alternatives on offense in which Cesc and I assumed responsibility, working with fewer improvisations.”

He added: “Messi is a 10 in the artillery. Many times he breaks down the other team’s defense and goes after it. This function was assigned to me and Cesc, always working under the hypothesis of a possible loss of Messi and so this could be faced in a way that was the least traumatic.”

You might think Neymar would relish the opportunity to play in a line-up without Messi and show what he is capable of as the man. Neymar said he was said to see Messi injured and sidelined.

“He’s the leader for me and for everyone in the team, he’s relaxed and calm,” Neymar said. “It’s impossible for me not to be affected when I see how sad he is to suffer another injury, just when I’ve arrived at the club.

“My dream was to play alongside Messi and to end up becoming part of a super duo and not to have to take over as the attacking force so soon for a Barcelona packed with stars.”

[UPDATE:] Neymar has since denied that those quotes were from him. You can read his denial below, which was released on his website, but I warn you. They’re loosely and poorly translated.

In news released by the supposed ‘Magazine of the Internet’ (?) On Tuesday (12), and passed by some media, came through this note disprove any statement of the athlete Neymar Jr this publication. Neymar Jr has not granted any interviews for the “Magazine of the Internet.”

To be clear, on Monday (11), Neymar Jr traveled to Miami in his presentation to the Brazilian national team friendlies and did not speak with the press. So were two days without commenting and giving interviews. What prevents any kind of statement of the athlete.

We hope that henceforth the press fulfills its role to convey to the public the information true and correct. The athlete has a department press office to be taken doubts that communications professionals have eventually.

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