NFL power rankings Week 11: Broncos slip to No. 3


With another week of NFL action in the books, it is time to take a look at how this weekend’s games affected the outlook of the league. The Seattle Seahawks were able to jump the Denver Broncos for the No. 2 spot, while the Kansas City Chiefs hang on to the top position while they enjoyed their bye week.

The Carolina Panthers were able to continue their surge into the top ten after their latest impressive win, while the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans continued struggles land them in the bottom five.

Where does your team stand in the latest rankings?

Here are the power rankings heading in to Week 11 of the regular season:

NOTERankings take the average of for polls from VP of content Patrick Allen, Editor-in-Chief Josh Sanchez, Editor Mike Dyce and Assistant Editor Bryan Rosa

1. chiefs Kansas City Chiefs (9-0)

2. seahawks Seattle Seahawks (9-1)

3. broncos Denver Broncos (8-1)

4. saints New Orleans Saints (7-2)

5. patriots New England Patriots (7-2)

6. colts Indianapolis Colts (6-3)

7. lions Detroit Lions (6-3)

8. panthers Carolina Panthers (6-3)

9. 49ers San Francisco 49ers (6-3)

10. bengals Cincinnati Bengals (6-4)

11. bears Chicago Bears (5-4)

12. packers Green Bay Packers (5-4)

13. jets New York Jets (5-4)

14. cowboys Dallas Cowboys (5-5)

15. eagles Philadelphia Eagles (5-5)

16. chargers San Diego Chargers (4-5)

17. cardinals Arizona Cardinals (5-4)

18. ravens Baltimore Ravens (4-5)

19. rams St. Louis Rams (4-6)

20. browns Cleveland Browns (4-5)

21. dolphins Miami Dolphins (4-5)

22. titans Tennessee Titans (4-5)

23. giants New York Giants (3-6)

24. steelers Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6)

25. bills Buffalo Bills (3-7)

26. raiders Oakland Raiders (3-6)

27. redskins Washington Redskins (3-6)

28. falcons Atlanta Falcons (2-7)

29. texans Houston Texans (2-7)

30. vikings Minnesota Vikings (2-7)

31. bucs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-8)

32. jags Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8)


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  • Calchiefsfan

    For polls? Why not thre or to? :)

  • hunger

    This ‘power ranking’ is almost perfectly listed by winloss record. Not much analysis here. KC would be beat by all of the other teams in the top 5, probably more.
    The auther should talk to the contributors that he sets his average by, and tell them to stop just sending him the standings page.

    • Bob

      I know. The draft order had three AFC teams in 29-32. A “power Poll” had SD ahead of the Raiders with the same record even though the Raiders had just beaten them.

    • ……ChiefsFan……

      Let me guess. Did we already beat your team? Either that or you’re a donkeys or sea chicken fan.

      • hunger

        No, your team only beats losing teams. You can find all of the KC opponents at the bottom of the list. Go Hawks!

      • Dale Martin

        WAKE UP DUDE~!!
        They have yet to win a .500+ team….. and their opponents have a combined record of 30 and 54….
        What about this impresses you so much?

        • DXW

          Chief fans are an unusual breed of fans.

          The Chiefs are very much a regional team with a centralized fan base. They’re almost like a college team when it comes to their fans, most of whom don’t follow any other team but the Chiefs, so they don’t fully understand that beating the Bills and their 3rd string QB isn’t that impressive. They just see a win, which is fine, because a win is a win… But this complete lack of perspective causes these fans to open their mouths and start bragging about how great the Chiefs are, which inevitably leads to them looking like idiots when KC starts losing and is exposed as a mediocre team squeaking by on an easy schedule, just like everyone outside of KC’s fan base already knew.

          The Chiefs have been bad for decades with the occasional flash of mediocrity that would carry them to early losses in the playoffs. They haven’t been good since the 60′s, and I think a lot of Chiefs fans want so badly for them to be good again that they are willing to disconnect the logical part of their brain that allows them to interpret what they see on the field and project that against future games and teams with winning records. All they can do is look at the scoreboard and scream 9-0!!!

          Personally, I love it when the Chiefs start strong like this. There is nothing quite as satisfying as watching them fall apart in the last half of the season or early in the playoffs. It just makes my orange and blue heart so damn happy… Every. Single. Time.

          It never gets old.

          • Dale Martin

            Well, they’re in for a rude awakening the next few weeks….. If they go deep in the play-offs, I’d be surprised….. They do have a good defense but their offense still won’t be able to keep up with the elites.

  • DXW

    These rankings couldn’t be more meaningless in pro football. No one actually thinks KC is better than the teams ranked #2 – #8 on this list, and if they do, they’re idiots. The Chiefs are #1 because putting them at #9 or or #10, where they belong, is insulting to their (fluke) record.

    When the Chiefs lose to Denver this weekend, they will immediately drop down to #7 or lower, while the #1 spot will go to Seattle. Denver won’t hit #1 because everyone already knows that beating the Chiefs isn’t nearly as impressive as beating the Seahawks or the Saints.

    Denver 35
    KC 10

  • Amar S.

    Am I the only one who is happy for the Chiefs and their fans? The Chiefs had the worst record in the NFL last season and now they have the best, regardless whether the teams they played suck or not. All Kansas City fans deserve this (from a Patriots fan).