Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) prior to playing the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles 26-16. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Will Dwayne Bowe be suspended?

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was arrested over the weekend after he was found in possession of more than ten grams of marijuana, during a routine traffic stop for speeding. The officer on duty smelled marijuana in the car, before searching the car.

The arrest came at the end of the Chiefs bye week and just before they kick their preparation for the big Week 11 match up against the division rival Denver Broncos.

This has caused some concern among Chiefs fans regarding Bowe’s status for Sunday.

The good news for Chiefs fans is that Bowe will not be considered a repeat offender of the NFL’s substance abuse policy, unless there are previously unreported violations. He could face league discipline for the arrest — previous marijuana arrests have sidelined a player for one game — but Bowe would be able to appeal, which would push the suspension back.

Bowe was previously suspended in 2009 for violating the league’s performance-enhancement policy, but that is a separate program.

That puts any punishment for this game in the hands of the Chiefs.

So far, the Chiefs have not commented on the situation other than to say that they have no comment, so this could allow them to say they are letting the legal process play out.

If that is the route the team takes, it is almost certain that Bowe will be suiting up on Sunday.

We will learn more in the coming days, but as it currently stands, Bowe is likely to avoid any suspension from the team or league this week so he should be good to go in the team’s biggest game of the year.

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  • Logan Grace

    I think we dodged a huge bullet there

  • Talicore

    Think this will give him a boost in performance or cause a loss of concentration?

    I’m hoping for performance boost personally. Still wish he hadn’t been stupid…

  • Chris

    Why would he risk doing this? This whole time, Bowe has been about the family of the organization and wanting to win. This completely contradicts his statement, unless he thinks they have a better chance of winning when he is sidelined. You get the big bucks and then do this? I’m actually surprised he was speeding at all, given the circumstance.

  • Tra Tha Chief

    Are you guys serious lol….. why would Dwayne bowe get suspended for this really? He was speeding 13 miles over the speed limit its not like he was going 100 and btw you don’t get arrested for speeding you get a ticket the arrest came from the possession. And that’s a whole other story in itself…. a drug that is legal for recreation use in three states one who we play this week…. the true question is was Dwayne bowe driving while intoxicated and the answer is NO…. So he didn’t get a dui or anything of that sort…. Suh got suspended 2 games for doing a hit and run and this should be no where close to that sort of suspension…. and Aldon Smith got a dui had a gun charge and crashed his car and hasn’t even been suspended yet…. SO how I feel is everyone jumping the gun on “suspend bowe” just don’t want the chiefs to succeed…. I do however agree that this was very stupid of Bowe to be rolling with people who carry drugs on them…. but again we must assume what is really happening here…. he was driving 13 mph over the speed limit what is that a 50 dollar ticket? and he was carrying under an ounce of marijuana on him…. again that is not a terrible crime, a matter of fact that again is just another ticket…. No one is facing jail time against these charges so everyone just back up and look at this case for what it is…. a stupid decision that if anyone of us got in trouble for would be facing a fine from the state and wouldn’t get fired from our jobs or even suspended from our jobs for…. the reality of this situation is he should be reprimanded by the team to do some community service and pay a fine not get suspended? This is his first offense you know and people are trying to cut off his head…. I think ed werder said it best…..

    Bowe’s Sunday night arrest on marijuana charges will fall under the league’s substance-abuse policy. These are two separate issues, meaning he will not be considered a repeat offender unless there have been previous unreported transgressions. He has no prior arrests that we’re aware of. Bowe has made himself a distraction ahead of the biggest game of the year for his 9-0 team, but we don’t expect the NFL to step in. Any discipline will be up to coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs. Nov 12 – 12:19 PM

    Source: Ed Werder on Twitter