Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) prior to playing the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles 26-16. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Dwayne Bowe admits to smoking marijuana during traffic stop, asked police if Sonic was open

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was arrested on Sunday for possession of marijuana and was ticketed for speeding. When officers stopped Bowe, they smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer explained that he had a drug sniffing dog with him and Bowe admitted to smoking. Bowe also reportedly asked the officer who stopped him whether the nearby Sonic was still open.

According to KCTV5 (h/t Arrowhead Addict):

After the officer stopped Bowe, the wide receiver asked the officer whether the nearby Sonic was open then.

“(The officer) detected an odor of marijuana coming out of the vehicle,” said Riverside Police Department Major Chris Skinrood.

Once Bowe stepped out of his vehicle, the officer explained to Bowe that he had a drug dog with him and that the canine would alert to an illegal substance.

“Bowe stated that they had smoked a little while waiting at the airport,” according to a police report.

The officer discovered a black bag with two containers that had 6.6 grams and 3.8 grams respectively of what is believed to be marijuana in them. Bowe was placed under arrest for the possession of a controlled substance.

The dog alerted to a black backpack. Inside it, a container was found to have 4.2 grams of what was believed to be marijuana in it.

Bowe has a court date on December 18th and was released on bond. The Chiefs have no comment but ESPN’s Ed Werder reports that Bowe will start on Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

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  • jpopejoy

    Rookie move bowe. Everyone knows you go to Taco Bell late night when you’re stoned! And it’s not even in riverside!

  • T_T

    C’mon Bowe, Riverside is the last place you wanna go if you’re stoned and driving.

  • Blake Molina

    Everyone knows it’s Taco Bell or McD’s for stoner food! Bulk food for cheap!

  • MrBu5in355

    He’s lucky he didn’t get distributing with the stuff divided up like that.

    • disqus_GQB6dqiihC

      Pretty sure the cops wouldn’t think he’s selling weed. He’s a millionaire. If he was going to sell weed to make money he’d probably be wanting to make more than like $20/sale. What he had amounts to about a half ounce, and if he sold it in three transactions he’d probably make $60-$80 max.

      • Jim Strathmeyer

        Actually one of the polices’ biggest indicators of whether you are a drug dealer is they think that if you are high then you are not selling it.

  • Dan

    Oh my god MARIJUANA! how dare you smoke something that humans have been smoking for thousands of years. You could have overdosed and died!

    Oh wait…. Marijuana is completely harmless and alcohol kills people daily.

  • Hari

    Its shameful and sets a poor example for our KIDS that Bowe will go unpunished. At least sit him out! He admitted to it for gosh’s sake!

    • komac

      Not so sure he’ll go unpunished. He’ll get his day in court on the possession charges, and the fact that he admitted to smoking will likely mean a 1 to 4 game suspension w/out pay either later this year, or next year. He’ll stand to lose some serious cash there.

  • Rick D,

    As a Falcon fan, I demand he be released and traded to the Falcons as punishment.