Feb 5, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed (20) celebrates during the Super Bowl XLVII victory parade at M

Seahawks should grab Ed Reed: someone told me last night

Former Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans safety Ed Reed wasn’t claimed by anybody off waivers, but if it was up to one Seahawks’ fan, he would head to Seattle. The fan happens to be a friend of mine who was spewing mostly garbage during our open gym time at the basketball court last night.

First, to show you I’m not a complete idiot, I know that on the surface this would be the stupidest move the Seahawks have made since Pete Carroll and John Schneider took over. Also, it’s not going to happen for salary reasons, the Hawks are already razor thin in the margins to be able to hold onto their current safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor (although Kam already got his payday over the Summer).

It’s an interesting idea though, when you think about the run the Seahawks are trying to make. Reed is a veteran that could help advance Earl Thomas even more in his third season. Even more importantly, he could help Chancellor advance as he still could use improvement in the coverage game and Reed is one of the best cover safeties ever. Reed also has lengthy (deep) Playoff experience and that ring.

But again, I’m no idiot. It doesn’t tangibly work this season. Maybe if his free agency had been a year ahead and this had happened sometime last season the consideration would have been there. Earl is quite possibly the best free safety in the game now though and Kam is no slouch.

Looks like the Jets and Patriots are ultimately interested.


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