Oct 4, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves relief pitcher Craig Kimbrel (46) comes into the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the eighth inning of game two of the National League divisional series playoff baseball game at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel thinking of working at Taco Bell? (Photo)

Being a closer in Major League Baseball is one of the most boring, yet, highly stressful jobs in professional sports. You’re essentially only used in wins (most of the time) and are expected to enter the game and shut down the opposition for the victory.

More times than not, you only participate in three of the twenty seven outs recorded during the game and for eight innings sit twiddling your thumbs, charting pitches between sticking gum on the hat of your teammates.

It’s so boring in fact, Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel is thinking of moonlighting at Taco Bell.

Okay – not really, though, the lights out reliever recently came across an interesting message during his stop at the ‘Mexican’ restaurant during a fourth-mealer trip.

As Kimbrel was entering or leaving the parking lot (I’m assuming), he snapped a picture of the Taco Bell sign which had the following wordage below it:

Now Hiring Closers

I’m not exactly sure what Taco Bell was trying to suggest here, outside of attempting to hire people who would close the store, but still a chuckle worthy moment for the Atlanta Braves closer.

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