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John Scott likely to face old school justice as Buffalo Sabres face Toronto Maple Leafs

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Friday’s game between the Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs has trouble written all over it. The last time these two teams met, we all know what happened. John Scott (who is not a hockey player) will be in the lineup in a contest that could get ugly for a multitude of reasons.

In case you’ve somehow  managed to push the monstrosity of a “hockey game” that occurred the last time the Sabres and Leafs tangled out of your head…

Scott—who fancied himself a protector of the NHL’s “code” as he went after Phil Kessel in the preseason—will likely be on the receiving end of some “code bearing” Maple Leafs players tomorrow night. As 6-foot-8, 259 pounds, this is a guy that knows how to handle his business to be sure.

Yet if you’re David Clarkson, how bad do you still want to get after Scott? Clarkson was suspended for 10 games after he jumped off of Toronto’s bench to stick up for Kessel, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see those two tango at least once on Friday night. Maybe that’ll be all she wrote for this heated rivalry. Maybe it won’t be.

It really depends on how the Leafs view the fact that Scott received no reprimands from the NHL following his antics with Kessel. The league saw nothing wrong with the display (shocking), but we doubt that Toronto has the same feelings. In fact…

The writing is on the wall here. We don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see Toronto seek retribution for what was clearly a gutless play on Scott’s part the last time the two teams met. Sure, Kessel’s response left a lot to be desired, but what else was the guy supposed to do? Drop the gloves?

Scott was looking for someone to fight the last time he played the Leafs, and he’ll have his hands (fists?) full tomorrow night in what’s sure to be a rough-and-tumble contest.

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