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Oct 30, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings fans celebrate after the Kings defeated the Denver Nuggets 90-88 at Sleep Train Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings hope to set indoor sound record tonight

If you’re an ENT specialist in the Sacramento area, expect to see some long lines at the office tomorrow. That’s because the Sacramento Kings will attempt to set the indoor sound record tonight in their game against the Detroit Pistons. The fine folks from the Guinness Book of Irrelevant Achievements and Hollow Accomplishments will be on hand for the event, so it’s, like, official and everything.

Even if the Kings are able to break the record — 106.6 dBA, in case you’re wondering — they may not hold the mark for long. Promoters of the upcoming fight between Patrick Nielsen and Jose Pinto in Denmark also hope to set the record, and have countered Sacramento’s #HereWeRoar campaign with #HereWeRoarKO. Clever.

Promoter Nisse Sauerland explained:

Boxing is all about timing and countering. Should needs be we will land the decisive counterpunch and knock out the Kings´ record. Make no mistake, we wish them the best of luck. They have done a brilliant job with their viral #HereWeRoar campaign. But we´ll take it one step further – #HereWeRoarKO.


We’ve got experts with a high-profile decibel device, 2000 ear plugs and the support of Patrick´s wild fans. They might be outnumbered, but the great acoustics at the venue will give us the chance for a big upset. May the loudest fans win (Pro Basketball Talk).

We will definitely keep you updated about the outcome of this riveting competition, so stay tuned!

[Source: Pro Basketball Talk]

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