Steelers could part ways with Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark in 2014

We all know that there could be some big changes in the Steel City next season as the Pittsburgh Steelers look to bounce back what has been a disappointing first half of this year, but the team’s veterans have a chance to finish out the year strong and show that they deserve to stick with the team.

Two players who need to show up big are veteran safeties Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark.

According to Ian Rapoport of,  Polamalu and Clark have to play “incredibly well” in the final seven games to earn a chance to come back next season.

As for the offensive side of the ball, there is still a chance that the team could explore trade offers for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger — no matter what he or his agents say moving forward. They have strongly denied the previous rumors, but where there is smoke there is fire.

Despite all of the changes that could be facing the team in the offseason, head coach Mike Tomlin is not expected to lose his job.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the final seven games play out, because it will dictate the future of the team moving forward.

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  • Carol Fischbach

    Lay off of Ryan and Troy. They are two men out of eleven. They can’t be at all places at once and can’t perform miracles. Also, Troy is not always playing at his usual position. But with all the changes, the defense has had improvise. So naturally, he may not be nearly as effective. The Steeler fans are looking for a quick fix. Releasing Troy to spend a king’s ransom on someone of little to no experience is not the answer. Two years ago, Ward was unceremoniously dumped, with the pathetic excuses that he was past it and they needed more money to spend on Wallace. Wallace! Wallace! Wallace! Wallace and even more Wallace was all I heard for months to the point of ad nauseam. Dump this guy to make room for Wallace. Dump that guy so we’ll have more money for Wallace. We all found out fast what a brilliant idea that was. Wallace’s season was mediocre, at best. Then he was released. Smooth move.

    The fans and the press are under the fool impression that releasing players who still have gas in their tank and tread on their tires translates into an immediate turnaround. It is that mentality that got the team in trouble. This no-brainer that younger is automatically better led to a skeleton crew of veterans and a host of beginners. What happened was a mass exodus that left the team vulnerable.

    On top of that, Keisel injured his foot. Woodley, his calf. Shamarko, his ankle. Foote is out for the season. Jones is struggling. He and Woodley are sharing the position once held by Harrison. Players are being shuffled around. Injuries and inexperience plague the team on defense and offense. Also, Troy is healthy, the healthiest he’s been in quite a a while. Don’t use age as an excuse. Clark is 34 and Troy is 32. Ray Lewis was 37 when he retired. Ward was healthy when he was shoved out the door. Dancing is far more rigorous than one might expect. Recently, he participated in the Triathalon. Spare me the the tiresome line, “It’s a business”. It’s been used so often, it’s become a disclaimer.

    What is this undiluted crap that Ryan and Troy are doing poorly this year. Both of them are having a solid season, so far. Sure, we’re all use to the jazzy plays so indicative of Troy. Who doesn’t like it, when he’s on the jazz. But the lack of it doesn’t mean he or Ryan are over the hill. Considering all the misery the team has swallowed this year, Troy and Ryan have come through rather well. I get the distinct idea that Warren Sapp’s words are the words of God. I never did like that blustering walrus.