Nov 16, 2013; Tucson, AZ, USA; Washington State Cougars running back Marcus Mason (35) runs the ball under pressure from Arizona Wildcats linebacker Derrick Turituri (45) and cornerback Shaquille Richardson (5) during the fourth quarter at Arizona Stadium. The Cougars beat the Wildcats 24-17. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Wildcats columnists' embarrassing article backfires in 24-17 loss to Washington State Cougars

The Arizona Wildcats were 6-3 going into their early game this Saturday against the Washington State Cougars. After a close loss to the UCLA Bruins last week, the Wildcats were pretty confident that they could win a home game against a 4-5 WSU team who had been struggling.

One U of A area columnist was a little bit too confident. In what was probably a half hour to an hour of bad judgement, Megan Coghlan of The Post Game decided to dog the Cougars all the way to Pullman… or something like that. With this article of ill-managed mush, she became instantly popular on the Cougar social media and message boards.

Here is a blurb from the article:

Dear Washington State fans,

The possibility of Washington State beating Arizona this weekend does not keep me up at night. In fact, the chance of the Cougars having any sort of advantage over Arizona is not something I’ll ever worry about. WSU, you should be worried.

Arizona has a lot to brag about, not just in football but in many areas. Let me count the ways.

First, I have yet to meet a legitimate Cougar fan. I may not live in Washington or spend much time there, but the Washington Husky fan base is serious business. Sorry to bring up a touchy subject, it can’t be fun living in the shadow of your “rival” Washington. Your program just won’t be as relevant as the famed Huskies. I’d like to say I understand what it’s like to be the lesser in-state rival, but I can’t relate.

It gets worse if you read it all the way through. As you can see, not only does Coghlan boast about her team (a team that has still not won a game over a team with a winning record by the way), but she also throws in a couple slights towards WSU referencing the rival Huskies.

Washington State beat the Wildcats 24-17 with an inspired performance and then let Coghlan know about it. This is just one of the comments that she received from different level of Cougar from twitter (from WSU wide receiver Brett Bartolone):

End results… Coghlan had to shut down her twitter public status for awhile:

She may not have been kept up early in the week, but she may have nightmares about the Cougars for a long time. I’m sure Coghlan wishes she could take that whole thing back and we hope she learned a lesson in humility, at least until the football game is over next time. Her team is in serious danger of losing their final four games and ending up snubbed from a bowl game, with Oregon and Arizona State still on the schedule.

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