Jul 29, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb addresses the media during a press conference announcing his retirement at the Eagles NovaCare Complex. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nascar drivers rip Donovan McNabb for saying Jimmie Johnson is not an athlete

In case you missed it earlier today, former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb opened quite the can of worms when he suggested that five-time (and very likely six-time) Nascar Champion Jimmie Johnson is not an athlete.

That of course didn’t sit well with fellow drivers, who came to the aid of Johnson on social media, ripping the former quarterback.

Johnson himself had this to say, though, clearly wasn’t into starting a war of words:

The long winded debate about race car drivers being athletes has gone on for years and years with both sides seemingly digging their heels in.

Likely, it comes down to what the personal definition of athlete means.

As somebody who’s driven around a Nascar track at extreme speeds, I can say without a doubt – in my own personal opinion – that race car drivers are athletes. Maybe many drivers don’t conform to the traditional standards of what many view an athlete to be, but you can’t be a slouch athletically to do what they do for 500 miles.

Add in their workout regiments and routines, which are shared by their pit crew who are often former Division I athletes and there’s a pretty solid argument that race car drivers are athletes, despite maybe it not being the most conventional of forms.

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