Sep 28, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano (24) throws to first base during the second inning against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano patiently waiting for the deal he’s looking for

The New York Yankees are obviously interested in bringing back Robinson Cano. I mean, why wouldn’t they?

The man happens to be the hottest free agent on the market right now, but only wants to play for the Yankees. No idea why they haven’t given him the deal he’s looking for, but I’m positive it’s going to be delivered to him soon.

In nine years, Cano has hit over 14 home runs and 60 RBI’s. The man averages nearly 23 home runs and 91 RBI’s a season while winning a couple Gold Gloves for his position.

With the Yankees not giving Cano the deal he’s looking for, this could open up Robinson trying to gain some leverage as other teams could be placing some eye opening offers on the table which would force New York’s hand.

Cano should be priority number one, considering they’re going to lose Jeter at the end of the season. I mean honestly, we all know that DJ is on his last leg. He had too many stints on the disabled list last season so this franchise will be placed on Robinson’s back.

According to the New York Daily News, Robinson Cano is waiting patiently for that deal he’s been looking and hoping for.

That’s all the man can be right now is patient. You get too worked up and it gets you negative media attention and that’s the last thing this man wants.

Don’t become another Alex Rodriguez, Robinson. I beg you!

And New York, give this man the deal he wants.

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  • concernedcitizen20099

    Cano is in for a long wait,
    He will most likely resign with the NYY,

    There will not be a big market for Cano outside NYC,
    Cano is the face of the NYY,
    Most teams will not do a bidding war for a 20+ home run per year guy
    entering his mid 30′s decline years
    in the non steriod era.

    Cano is a 10-15 M per year player
    who wants 25-30M per year.

    I can’t see any team wanting to pay that dollar amount on a long term deal
    for a 2B entering his decline years,

    There are other, cheaper options out there for most teams outside of NYC,

  • Corethree

    If Cano is so great, why does he suddenly forget how to play baseball in the postseason? And who has made you believe Jeter will not be as great as he always was??

    • JoeDaBeast

      I too believe that this is The Captain’s last season. It was believed he was through a few years ago, and then he had a great 2012 season. I think that was the high point of the future Hall of Famer.

  • Bill B

    He will get a 6 year $200 million dollar deal. Watch.

  • Tim

    Long term yankee fan – I watched Mickey play and my mom watched the Babe play. Let Cano walk, he simply is not worth $200MM in any circumstance especially when Jeter will be gone (therefore no mentor to pressure Cano). Use the money for a stronger rotation; better outfield and a modest replacement second basemen.
    Seriously have we learned nothing from Mega Deals for players on the wrong side of their prime?

  • JoeDaBeast

    David, sometimes your writing is difficult to follow. How can you make both statements back-to-back?

    “In nine years, Cano has hit over 14 home runs and 60 RBI’s. The man averages nearly 23 home runs and 91 RBI’s a season while winning a couple Gold Gloves for his position”

    • David Alejandro Miniel

      Still making some adjustments! Will work on this. Thank you for pointing this out. Salute.

      • JoeDaBeast

        If you need anybody to help you out with that, just let me know. I do that for a living and was assisting The Landry Hat (Dallas Cowboys) with that, but those writers there were too thin skinned and could not take critiques.

        • David Alejandro Miniel

          I welcome stuff like this. Even if it’s from viewers. I haven’t been doing this for too long (been with FanSided since February 1st, no previous experience) so I’m open to whatever makes me a better writer.