Nov 10, 2013; New York, NY, USA; San Antonio Spurs power forward Jeff Ayres (11) keeps New York Knicks power forward Amar

NBA trade rumors: Boston Celtics eye Amar'e Stoudemire


ESPN NBA Reporter Chris Broussard reports that the Boston Celtics re willing to make a deal with the New York Knicks for All-Star forward Amar’e Stoudemire:


It seems crazy that a young and rebuilding team like the Celtics, who are being coached by a rookie head coach in Brad Stevens, would be willing to take on the contract of an overpaid veteran like Stoudemire.

But when you look at the contract numbers and the players the Celtics could potentially move for him, it makes perfect sense. The Celtics would likely trade forward Gerald Wallace and shooting guard Courtney Lee, who both have fully guaranteed contracts until 2016. Stoudemire’s deal is only partially guaranteed for next season, the Celtics could move on from their bad contracts and rebuild their team over the next three seasons.

Stoudemire’s is currently averaging three points and two rebounds in ten minutes of play per game.




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  • GuyC585

    Do it. See ya stat!

  • timassin
    I want this to happen. Then everyone is happy :)

  • Eric Matterson

    NO.. Don’t do it Knicks. Let Stoudemire’s contract expire and let him walk. Don’t take back a longer contract that will mess up the salary cap for 2016

  • Haven

    Yeah i knew what the Celtics intentions were even before reading this. They can go $%^*& themselves.

  • RocklandMan

    That would be a horrible move for the Knicks. I would do Rondo and Wallace for Stoudemire. I don’t think the Celts would.

    • Rycky Bobby

      Is this a joke?
      Why would the Celtics trade Rondo for that? To dump salary, lol

  • tony gonzalez

    Nothing less than Rondo, we can contend with Rondo.

  • William O’Connor

    The Knicks wont take this, if they move amare they want something tangible in return, whether its some promising talent or draft picks, if they just take on 2 contracts for players that wont really help the team then the Dolans truly have gone totally insane

  • farenbalanced

    Wow, Ainge thinks the Knicks are just as stupid as the Nets. Maybe he’s right.

  • dgotshalk

    There is nobody but a knicks fan who likes that trade. it would destroy the chemistry of the Celtics for all time.
    I do like the Rondo for Melo trade that nobody wants to talk about?

  • Anthony

    I’d do it if it included a small number of the Celtics stock pile of draft picks without protection.

  • Bob Lyle

    This just in — Chris Broussard is now reporting on twitter that the Knicks have had internal discussions on whether anyone wants anything from Starbucks, Steve Mills is going down for a coffee.

  • kilahchris

    Trade JR smith and Shumpert and a draft pick for Rondo

  • SteveRosset

    Terrible move for the Knicks. So they will obviously do it.