Sept. 23, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) and quarterback Michael Vick (7) during the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Eagles 27 - 6. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly hopes Michael Vick will return after Eagles bye week

You didn’t think the Philadelphia Eagles would be without a quarterback controversy when Michael Vick returned, did you?

Early Monday morning, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly suggested that he ‘hoped’ Michael Vick would be ready to return after the teams Week 12 bye and that he would sit down with both Vick and Nick Foles to discuss the plans going forward:

Chip Kelly: We’re hoping that Mike Vick will be ready to go when we get back to work next week.

Kelly: When both quarterbacks are fully healthy, I’ll sit down with both of them to discuss who starts.

The Eagles have looked like a completely different team with Foles under center in recent weeks, though, in fairness to Vick he was playing injured as he has clearly looked hobbled for a considerable amount of the season.

Kelly didn’t seem to give an indication as to which way he’s leaning and it’s not common practice that a player loses their job due to injury, but it won’t be easy to yank Foles out of the starting quarterback spot considering how well he’s played.

Philadelphia will host the Arizona Cardinals on December 1st, after their bye.

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  • bushisamoron

    Vick will be the #3 QB until he is released after the season

  • Dr Muon Funk

    Would be good to have for late in games running read option. That’s about it.

  • Keb0

    think about when when they were both 100% healthy at the start of the season,…

    vick outplayed foles… simple as that…

    so if their both healthy – i think vick is better and better with the O

    however the problem is vick cant seem to stay healthy

    and when vick isn’t 100% – foles is the better QB for the team

    • Mike Calabrese

      I am sorry but just cause Vick won job through preseason does not mean that Foles can’t improve (2nd year QB) through the early part of season and surpass Vick as the better option. Vick is definitely more talented QB, but that is not what gets it done. Plenty of guys with off charts measurable’s coming out of draft that simply don’t make it. Vick has made it and been a good QB and most exciting QB ever as a play maker. However to just say healthy Vick is better for the Eagles is to ignore the results and ignore what matter and that’s winning games. Vick has done a much better job of not turning ball over this season for sure. However in the end Foles has not turned over at all, barely taken any sacks and has been accurate with ball. Offense has made just as many if not more big plays with him at helm and no way that anyone can believe that Vick would be as efficient or have the #’s Foles has put up in these games. Vick may have ran for 400 yards but red zone efficiency and just scoring 7 vs 3pts has been far better with Foles.

      Not a knock on Vick, but to say that Eagles would have been better these last 4 weeks with Vick over Foles is just not true. The offense has put up just as many with Foles as with Vick and more in many cases. We have been seeing the hurry up be so efficient bc of the completion percentage and honestly just better offensive football than any time Vick has played this year. If you don’t like QBR or those stats fine, but it does incorporate runs for QB into the # (ESPN QBR) and Foles #’s are seriously historic. Vick has always been exciting and has shown an ability to get it done, but never has b=he been an efficient QB. The offense is running smoother and just simply better under Foles and to say otherwise is biased or looking for reasons why. This is NFL and the #’s Foles has put up are not something you or anyone can down play. Vick is not the better QB for this team even when healthy. No way if Foles continues to play at current level that anyone can really believe Vick would be better. Sorry but simply not a chance without serious Vick colored glasses.

      • Keb0

        I do believe that Foles is the guy for this season.. but i say this only because Vick cannot stay healthy.. If Vick is healthy – he is a better QB and a better overall football player.. Healthy Vick is Top 10 QB in the NFL…
        Foles hasn’t turned it over at all yet. True. But vick did that for the majority of the season in 2010.. vick in 2010 is playing better then foles right now….
        You also have to look at the teams that Foles has played against.. Foles got all the easy games.. Not trying to take anything away from him. I am a big Foles fan.. But i have to say that when Vick is 100% healthy, he is better then Foles…
        This is pointless tho bcuz we all know Vick is not 100% healthy…….

        I can see him going to a different team next season and having a year like he had in 2010

        • Mike Calabrese

          Top 10? Have you seen him since like week 12 of 2010?

          No point in even trying to convince someone who believes Vick is top 10 that he is not the better option. He is going to have a hard time finding a starting job next year. If was top 10 despite injuries teams would be flocking to him bc of the importance of a franchise QB. All I have to say simply is the guy has won 2 playoff games in 12 years and both were in same year. None since and few appearances. He is an exciting guy and first QB that brought his skill set to NFL, but that has not translated into more than one real successful run. Sorry but it’s not personal on Vick bc I really like him as a man, but he has been at best a good player not a stud. Stud athlete that amazes but that only translates to high ticket sales not results. Turnovers and injuries at that position are just to costly to a franchise and Vick has been plagued by both during his career. He has more fumbles per snap than any player in NFL history.

    • Keith Remaly

      Pre Season doesnt count as a real test. Actual games, different defenses and players are a true test. Vick is done, stick a fork in him…. Foles is better in allot of ways than Vick. He is smarter, he is taller so he can over the defense, stronger arm, YOUNGER, less injury prone. Sure Vick can run, but thats it and even that is no longer a real threat. The younger D backs can run him down. Look at Peyton Manning or Tom Brady… not great runners. Look at any running QB and they are good at one thing…running. If Chip starts Vick now, the Philly fans will Lynch him !!!

  • A Big Butt and a Smile

    It’s Foles job. Don’t see Kelly doing anything else. At this point in the season they need to know whether Foles is the guy moving forward or do they need to draft someone next year. Vick was always s stop gap measure. And since he reinjured his hamstring, there was little chance you’d see him in the starting lineup again. Though Keb0 a healthy Vick is better than a healthy Foles.

    • Mike Calabrese

      Healthy Vick better than Foles is just not been showing. The #’s and results speak for themselves and simply put no way this team would have been better under Vick than Foles in the past 3 games. The kid is in 2nd year with less than full season of starts and has played at a level that if Vick played at we would be extending Vick next year despite his age.
      You can have an opinion and your entitled to it, but you can never say your being objective in that evaluation. Vick’s entire career he has not had 16 TD’s to 0 INT’s (2 rushing td’s also) bc the NFL all time record is 20 TD’s before INT done by Manning this year. To have stats like this and place in history like this and for someone to believe Vick is better option is simply not debatable, and is indefensible from being called bias.

      • A Big Butt and a Smile

        LOL. Vick played the toughest part of the schedule. He also played with the Oline wasn’t playing well and the defense was giving up 31 points a game. Now the defense is giving up 21 points a game and the line has finally gelled.

        So spare me – you tell me you think a healthy Vick is gonna lose to Tampa/Raiders/Rodger’s less Green Bay/ Dallas and Giants and Redskins? Come on. It wasn’t happening. He can’t stay healthy and that’s his downfall, but other than that it’s not even close when they are both healthy.

        • Mike Calabrese

          I never said Vick would not win those games. I just simply said that it would never have been as efficient and done by throwing 10 td’s and 0 INT’s. Vick is simply just not efficient like that. He can get job done at times but it’s going to be done by running and making plays differently. Foles does it with timing and reading defense pre snap. Vick does it by being an athlete. Vick is a good player but he is not a better pure passer than Foles. Yes he has stronger arm but he would not be completing close to 70% of his passes through 3 games and not thrown 7td’s against Oakland.
          To say Vick would have been better than Foles has is to say Vick for the first time in his 12 year career would have been that efficient all of a sudden. he is a good player and is exciting but simply put the offense is more consistent with Foles. You can disagree but we have 12 years worth of evidence with Vick that show exciting play, but consistency has never been there outside of 2010. Even that ended after Minnesota game that year.
          Injuries hurt him I agree, but that’s what happens when you have a running QB instead of a QB that can run. His size& cumulative hits have gotten him to a point where we see that in long run it can’t work. I like Vick the man but Vick as my franchise QB has been a disappointment and I would argue his career is unfulfilled potential. He has 2 career playoff wins and both in same year. He has always had consistency issues and I don’t see how objectively you can say the offense would have been just as good over 3 game stretch with him. You do realize that Foles has highest QBR in NFL right now. His #’s are off the charts and your claiming that Vick would have matched them or been better? Come on it’s clear your not being honest with your evaluation. Sorry but if hadn’t done it in his 12 years in NFL to claim would have happened now is a little hard to agree with.

  • Kreft

    Oh god please no. We don’t want him back. Foles is a hundred times better.