Dez Bryant responds to Jason Pierre-Paul’s ‘blood spilled’ comments

Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants are squaring off at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. The Cowboys beat the Giants in the season opener. Coming into this game the Giants have the momentum coming in with a four-game win streak while the Cowboys are coming off an embarrassing loss to the New Orleans Saints before their bye week.

The Giants might be smelling blood against a vulnerable Cowboys team struggling with injuries. Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul promised that there will be blood spilled comments.

“We’re going to put it on them, man,” defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul said of the Cowboys, via Dan Graziano of “I’m pretty sure the offense is going to get going. The defense is going to get going even more. And the special teams will contribute to it.

“It’s going to be a fight. It’s going to be a dogfight. There’s going to be a lot of blood spilled out there.”

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has already responded.

“He’s supposed to feel that way,” Bryant said Monday, via the Dallas Morning News. “You’re an opponent. We’re an opponent for them. It’s great confidence.”

“We’re just going to go out there and play our game,” Bryant said. “All we focus on is the way we prepare and get ready for games. We’re going to go out there and give it our all.”

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  • SmartThinking

    That’s a very professional statement coming from Bryant. At least, off the field, he’s matured a lot and appears to focus on the important aspects of the game. Once he gets jammed again by the Giants, time will tell how long it will take Bryant to blow up in frustration and do something stupid.

    If the Dallas game plan focuses on making Bryant the fox, then all the Giants will chase him. That opens Austin, Williams Witten and the others to have a big night.

    I have nightmares thinking of how Manning is going to carve up the Cowboy defensive backfield this time. It won’t be pretty.

  • californy

    I rather this team do it talking on the field. There nothing left to be said when you beat your opponent 45 to nothing. Talk is always cheap unless you back it up with some action.

  • Ed

    Lot of chest pounding for a team that has a streak against a bunch of mediocre teams. You can’t brag about having your way with a bunch of drunk chicks.

  • californy

    Ed you havent hear this team play to the level of the competition for the most part, and z Mediocre is what this team has been for 17 years.

  • Jd

    I’m a little confused about the Giants talking any type of trash. 4 straight wins is great, congratulations. They beat a Vikings team that Frazier used as a try out for Freeman, btw, he’s been inactive every game since. Philadelphia, really? 3rd string qb and barely won. Oakland, they almost lost to a team with Pryor not even 50%, and that was clear when he was inactive for this past Sundays game. And Greenbay, another 3rd string qb. And the game was decided by an awful screen pass attempt by Tolzien which was returned for a pick 6 by jpp. The Giants haven’t beaten a good team since Greenbay last year. And they’re talking trash. And the NY media called Eli’s performance his best of the season. 279 1 TD and a pick is his best performance, thanks.
    Shame on Dallas if they don’t come out & kick the ever lovin uck out of this team.
    The Giants haven’t gotten better, they’ve played weaker opponents, period.
    And when a guy who’s been hurt all year, and because he has a pick 6, starts talking trash, you flat out shut them up.
    No more excuses, enough of the predictable & unbalanced offense. Come out & make a statement.

    • Thomas

      They can fucking talk trash cause they earned it asshole….2 Super Bowls in 5 years. One as a wild card kicking the Cowgirls asses in the process. You have to WIN games against every opponent. Unlike Cowgirls haven’t won anything in what. 30!years????? Lolololol. So fuck off scum bag

      • Jimmy D

        They’ve earned the right to talk trash in 2013 because they won 2 super Bowls in 5 years, last being 3 years ago? Makes perfect sense.
        Now, since you brought up history, not me, let’s go there, shall we?
        We’ve won 5 super bowls, you’ve won 4. We’ve won 3 super bowls in 4 years, you haven’t. & clearly you know less about sports than my 3 year old daughter does.
        And I’m sure you can read and have noticed I haven’t cursed once.
        But what I will do, I live in NJ. If you want my email address or number, my Facebook page is Jimmy DeMarco. Please, I beg you, please friend me.
        My profile picture is of a yellow middle finger. Friend me, I’d love to continue our “conversation” in person.
        Have a nice day.

        • Thomas

          Shut the fuck up. Did I allow you to talk to me. Cowgirls suck n you know it. 30 fucking years. Haha. You losers haven’t won.
          2012 and 2008 asshole GGGGGGGGGGGG MEN SUPER BOWLS. HAHA the most recent. Your momma shoulda swallowed. Hahaha. Punk biatch.

          • Jimmy D

            Just like I thought. Your dumb trolled a$$ wouldn’t have the balls to come on my fb page. Instead, you’d hide your fat, eating a bag of doritos, chowing down a whole Domino’s pizza, while jerkin off ur half inch di*k and playing cod ghosts. Ur probably playing it right now, calling some 9 year old kid the N word because ur trash.
            If ur not gonna bring ur greasy, stinky, smelly, fat a$$ to my page, then GTFOH nipple di*k. So go toss your boyfriends salad & have a nice day.

          • Jimmy D

            And wtf is 2008 & 2012? You don’t even know what years the Giants won the Super Bowl Lmmfbo. You’re useless, get outta here. & again, unless you’re gonna have the balls to come to my fb page, at least respond with actual facts you hamster plunger.
            Hey, have a nice day.

      • Daniel Doherty

        Thomas what was the reason to responding to a FOOTBALL post with language and name calling, it surely wouldn’t be a lack of a argument or football knowledge would it? Sounds like you went to a gunfight armed with a knife! You truly made yourself sound like a shitmonkey!

        • Thomas

          Shut the fuck up. I forget more about football than you know. Go bake a cake!!!!!

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