High school football team uses insensitive "Trail of Tears" sign to taunt rival Indians (Photo)

Sep 22, 2012; College Station, TX, USA; General view of a pylon on the field in the second quarter between the Marshall Thundering Herd and Rice Owls at Rice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The ignorance of people today, especially in the sports worjd–for as much as I love and cherish it–will never cease to amaze me one bit.

Still to this day, racism and insensitivity, which go hand-in-hand with one another are rampant throughout the athletic community. All you need for evidence of this is to take a quick gander at the ongoing situation with Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins.

But, the issue goes even lower than the professional ranks.

This photo was found taken from a Tumblr account pertaining to a sign used at a recent high school football contest in Alabama:


The person then went on to make a very valid point about why this shouldn’t be ignored, as the school, students and the adults involved are apparently, sadly doing:

Last night, this sign went up at a McAdory High School football game.

I am absolutely disgusted that this sign was allowed to go up, and that it was not stopped by school administrators, and that after this, no one has mentioned it.

The school and the students have shown no remorse for the sign (as expected) and the students have claimed ignorance and/or that it was just a “joke”.

Sorry, but the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the death of thousands of Native Americans is not a joke.

EDIT: As of 5 pm Sunday, no response from the school has been issued, and the local news to which I have reported this incident have not looked into it either. Further information will be added as it comes to me.

They’re absolutely right, it’s not a joke. What’s even worse is that no part of this has been brought to the public light whatsoever, making it hard for anyone to learn a proper lesson from any of this.

[h/t BuzzFeed for the find]

UPDATE: McAdory High School has issued a brief statement regarding the incident:


To Whom It May Concern:




On 11/15/2013 at a football game at McAdory High School, a sign was displayed that made reference to the “Trail of Tears” in which Native Americans were subjected to horrific atrocities. This was not condoned by the school administration, the Jefferson County Board of Education or the community. The person who would normally be responsible for approving such signs is out on maternity leave, and I take full responsibility that arrangements were not made to have the signs pre-approved before the ballgame. Please accept our sincere apologies to the Native American people and to anyone who was offended by the reference to an event that is a “stain” on our Nation’s past forever.










Tod Humphries


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  • Bandit Ref

    McAdory is south of Bham and has a lot of kids that are not very well off. Bham public schools on average are very poor, and McAdory is at the bottom of that pool. I am certainly not excusing this, I am just not surprised by the sign or the lack of concern by folks in that area.

    • Mrd78

      McAdory is a Jefferson County school not a city school. Many students there become very successful once they have graduated. It is actually one of the better schools around. The sign was made by teenagers. Everyone should know that everyone as a teen is still immature enough to make jokes about this. In my opinion it shows a bit of their intelligence because they can connect Trail of Tears with Indians. Go to a very low down bottom city school and ask them to connect the two and they could not give you ananswer. The media is taking this way too far.

      • Mike Dyce

        The problem is that adults allowed the teenagers to put this sign up.

        • gary

          No, the problem is the parents did not teach their children the significance of acts of atrocities which occurred.

          • C. Joseph Wright

            Amen, brother. The school can apologize now, but someone in a position of authority should have had the sense to take it down as soon as they saw it.

      • gary

        And you are as ignorant as these children whom you refer to.

      • Bandit Ref

        It shows intelligence? Umm.. wow? I didn’t mean Bham as in just the city, I meant Bham as in schools in the Bham area.

  • gary

    No excuse for ignorance. somebody knew what this particular incident referred to.

  • gary

    Racism in America is alive and well!

  • gary

    I am 60 years old and had to put up with being made fun of and bullied when I was a youth in school. Now 45 years later these types of incidents are still going on. I fought back and ended up getting in trouble. This has no place in society. I care about all people and wish that others could feel the same. There is only one race, The human race.

  • Guest

    Reposting from Instagram. This was originally posted on Twitter at a highshool football game for McAdory Highschool in Jefferson County McCalla Alabama. I’m absolutely disgusted that this was tolerated and the students/faculty thought it was okay to post something like this. 2013 and people still think it’s okay for open racism toward us Native Americans?! NOT on my watch! It’s like asking African American’s if they’re ready for round 2 of slavery or asking jews if they’re ready for round 2 of the holocaust! BULLSHIT. I’m contacting the school and the county’s congressman tomorrow and demanding a public apology by the students, school and county. I URGE you to do the same, Native American or not. We’re human just like everyone else!

  • C. Joseph Wright

    Am I the only one who takes offense to Mr. Humphries need to use quotations marks around “stain”? It isn’t a “stain”, it is a stain.