Cowboys working to get Dez Bryant free of double coverage

The Dallas Cowboys offense and passing game is much more effective whenever they are able to get the ball in the hands of star wide receiver Dez Bryant. Unfortunately for the Cowboys and Bryant fantasy owners, teams have begun to focus more and more on Bryant, which has led to some down numbers as the double teams increased.

However, during last week’s bye, Bryant says that the team was working hard to figure out a way to get him off double coverages and ways that will get him more often.

“You will see what happens,” Bryant said, via ESPN Dallas. “I’ve been seeing (double coverage) for a (while) now; we’ve been working on it.”

This likely means that the team will be working more on getting Bryant in motion and allowing him to take advantage of match ups across the opposing secondaries.

Bryant has largely been a decoy the past few weeks as he averages just over three catches a game, so if he is able to get open on a regular basis and provide a target for Tony Romo, the Cowboys offense will once again excel.

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  • SmartThinking

    Dallas should place more emphasis on reaching their other receivers early in the game to shake them off Bryant. If they jam him at the line and double cover him, the other receivers will need to step up or this will be another frustrating evening for all involved.

    Garrett’s game plan better be original and deceptively clever or New York will eat them alive. The Giants are playing their Super Bowl this Sunday evening. They believe 8-8 takes the division and they may not be wrong.

    I’d like to see the Cowboys step up and show New York and the rest of this division why they deserve the championship. It’s going to be right there within grasp …. all Dallas has to do is take it.