Oct 22, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash (10) during pre-game warmups before the Lakers

D'Antoni: Nash "is going to try to come back' from injuries

It’s no surprise that Lakers point guard Steve Nash is aging, and fast. He has suffered injury after injury after injury over the course of the past two seasons, and was initially reported to be thinking about retirement.

However, retirement seems unlikely, at least at this point, according to ESPN. Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni spoke with ESPN Los Angeles about Nash and what’s to come with the point guard.

“He’s 39, almost 40 years old. I think he’s looking at, ‘What am I going to do when I’m 50?’ But no [he's not thinking of retiring],” D’Antoni said. “Now, whether he can get over this, we’ll see. We think he can. We hope he can. But there’s no talk of him sitting over there eating bon bons the rest of the way. No.”

His most recent condition is a nerve injury which can lead to further problems throughout his body. Seeing that he is the oldest player in the league doesn’t really help his recovery time either.

It[the injury] has limited Nash to just 22 minutes per game over six games this year. He is the oldest player in the league. The Lakers owe him $9.3 million this season and $9.7 million in 2014.


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