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Kobe Bryant says his first practice was like 1997

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Kobe Bryant has returned to full practice for the Lakers, and it is now only a matter of time until he returns. Kobe has pictures and videos of him floating around that show how he looks in practice, and now he is speaking about it. Bryant is ready to get out there, per Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report:

“Put the jersey on and walk out for practice,” Bryant said. “Felt like it was ’97 again and I was getting my first start as a pro.”

“A much greater appreciation,” Bryant said, “ ‘cause you understand the mortality that comes along with it. Kind of being on that doorstep, y’know? So it’s always a sense of enjoyment when you actually come back.”

Bryant will be the unquestioned leader on a team that will look very unfamiliar to him. This Lakers team gets out and runs, they shoot the majority of their shots from outside, and they are a team that isn’t afraid to celebrate a dunk. Kobe will have to come back and play in the flow of the offense, and he should help this team when things break down.

My guess is that Kobe Bryant will suit up on November 27th against the Nets. He has said he can play this month, and his cryptic Instagram photo used the word blackout, and they will debut their black jerseys titled “Hollywood Nights”. We will see, but the NBA is a better place when Bryant is on the court.


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