Woman paints Peyton Manning’s jersey on her nude body (Photo)

The Denver Broncos were able to upend the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football to give them their first loss of the season thanks in large part to the Chiefs defense not getting pressure on Peyton Manning. Manning was able to pick apart the Chiefs secondary on his way to the win, as he continued his record-breaking pace to the season.

With all of Manning’s success, it is no surprise that he has plenty of backers, but there is one woman out there who is going above and beyond her call of duty as a fan.

The woman, Natasha Kizmet, has apparently “fallen in love” with Manning and she wanted to express that love by getting nude and having Body Painting artist, Alan Anderson, of Colorado Skin Works, give her a nice little design to replicate a full Peyton Manning uniform.

Don’t worry, though. Kizmet made sure to cover all of the essentials so the photo is safe for work.

“I took it all off to express myself in a very artistic way! Don’t worry, this pic is very slightly edited to make it PC,” she wrote on her website.

You can check out the photo here:

You have to appreciate the attention to detail with the laces on her “pants,” but the numbers do seem a bit… off center.

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