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Boston Red Sox see Dioner Navarro as a fallback option

Sep 2, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Cubs catcher Dioner Navarro (30) hits an RBI single against the Miami Marlins during the first inning at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Big man catcher Dioner Navarro had a career year with the Chicago Cubs in 2013 and is now looking for a starting catchers gig with another squad.

While backing up Welington Castillo for the year in Chicago, Navarro and his bat came through for the Cubbies. There were back to back games where he had pinch hit home runs and he had that huge game against the Chicago White Sox where he launched three long balls and six or so RBI’s.

It was pretty obvious that he wasn’t going to return to the Cubs and the Cubs knew he would want big money and be their primary catcher. With the franchise deciding to roll with Welington Castillo, Navarro’s door with the Cubs has closed.

There’s a couple teams who are currently interested in Navarro but one happens to stand out. According to Scott Lauber on Twitter, the Boston Red Sox see Navarro as a ‘fallback’ option if they can’t bring in Brian McCann.

I figured Jarrod Saltalamacchia would be their fallback option, but Saltalamacchia wants to be with a team who offers the most security and that may not be the World Champions.

Navarro batted .300/.365/.492 across the line with 13 home runs and 34 RBI’s.

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  • Willy W

    Thats the rumor but I dont honestly believe it. The Red Sox can actually sign a Catcher for multiple years despite reports of blocking prospects. Lavarnway is nothing special, Vazquez… is a backup Catcher. The Only C- that they have that should be the next Varitek… is the guy they drafted last year- Denney, he’s a future star but he wont be ready for 4 or more years. What the Red Sox have to decide is 1. would signing someone like McCann for big money be a wise investment, will he remain hungry…for the whole contract & once he’s done Catching can he be a DH and or play 1st base?
    2. Or is it wiser to just continue giving out 1-3 year deals and have a perpetual revolving door at positions until a prospect can take over? 3. Is there someone we could acquire in trade that would be better (now or in the close future) then something we could sign via F.A.
    My solution would be, once you figure out what McCann could provide, IF he could provide all you want then just sign him, bite the bullet. IF he cant fulfill all your objectives then try to acquire someone via trade. IF you cant acquire said Catcher via trade, then sign A.J. for 1-2 years. Hoepfully the Sox figure all these things out Sooner vs later because they have similiar issues at multiple positions. IE, they need to decide on SS/3rd base, CF/OF and 1st Base. The clock is ticking…

    • 123Star

      They need to be bold, but they play the game and Procrastinate. There Champs act like them…

      • Willy W

        I have to agree. Since Ben took over the 1 thing I have to knock him (besides his lack of knowledge about what makes a good reliever) is that he is incredibly slow… I understand & agree that you must do your due diligence BUT cant it be done a lot quicker as to not let a F.A. player or trade possibility slipped through your fingers?

        • 123Star

          Wow!! You know it’s not often people agree. Anyway, Sox need a leadoff hitter and a good one along with a catcher. I’d get Sin-choo McCann and Hart quickly. You want to bring in Kemp/Beltran/Either, do it after you got your solid base. Sox have got a couple starting pitchers they could trade, and a host of young talent. Do what your heart tells ya.

          • Willy W

            LOL, ya I know. As for the leadoff hitter I tend to agree but from what i understand the Sox arent as concerned as we are because they believe Victorino can lead off and in a pinch Pedroia can as well. My problem is the system they had of a good on-base guy with speed has paid big dividends. Neither Victorino or Pedroia have Ells kind of speed. Now i do know there is more than 1 way to get Runs across but I personally love causing opposing pitchers headaches…
            I too like Choo and would welcome him to play LF (only) for us. The only problem with Choo is he isnt a “burner” like Ells BUT he gets on-base with more regularity and has a heck of alot more Power. Personally Id have him bat 2nd or 3rd more than 1st but thats up for debate and trial n error. If Ells doesnt get the money he & BorASS want he could very well come back IF the Sox offer the proper amount of years, of which Id go no further than 4 years.
            I do agree if the Sox want to add any other fielder, like Beltran… it should be done after choosing a Catcher, 1st base….
            Hopefully Napoli returns but if he doesnt then I want Corey Hart on a 1-2 year “make good” contract which theyve had alot of luck with.
            Id like McCann but if he wants more than $15m a year id walk away and either trade for a Catcher (Cincy & possibly Houston have 1 to offer) or sign A.J. P- for 1-2 years. I do NOT want Salty back under any circumstances, I hope their smart enough to see the same problems I do.
            Not sure how you feel but Id actually like to re-sign Drew, moving Bogey to 3rd and either using WMB as a trade chip or depth/Utility. The depth in Starting pitching and prospects could be used to acquire Cliff Lee from Philly and or Stanton from Miami.
            Id like for them to add 1-2 more relievers, Crain & O’Flaherty are my 1st choices.
            Good talkin’ with you.

          • 123Star

            If Sox do not get McCann to catch, I’d go after Salty. Remember this is the guy that got the Sox through the year leading to WS. Salty hit 270 bunch of homers, he loves Fenway and the fans like him. These other catchers come in green, you really don”t know how they are going to perform. Don’t need Cliff Lee. Going to be hard to replace Ellsbury, so go get the best one out there. Drew, like to see him back, defense plays a big role, with Peddy and Drew together that’s a winning combo. Got to go watch Minn vs Wisc football game. But I’m from Ma.

          • Willy W

            Have fun! I disagree about Lee, whom ive always loved. I think its time to say goodbye to Buchholz(never stays healthy) and Doubront (Mr. 5 inning guy) and Lee is a guy whos always healthy and pitches 200+ innings well. Adding someone like him, since they missed out on Hudson, would give them 1 more top of the rotation arm and allow them to trade any other SP they wanted to, for whoever they desired (Stanton…).

          • 123Star

            Well cross of McCann, Salty is looking good but AJ may come from nowhere!!! OK, you are right about LEE, but the last time they went after him it was going to costly.. Phillies need to rebuild anyway. If the Sox grab Kemp that would be great. CLAY can throw but his shoulder seems to be weakening. Next Saturday we will see a clearer picture. (((Hope the Pats defense shows up against the Broncos)))

          • Willy W

            Ugh the Pats, too many injuries. I believe if all their players had stayed healthy this year that they would have had a very formidable team.

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