Nov 18, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers free safety Mike Mitchell (21) reacts at the end of the game. The Panthers defeated the Patriots 24-20 at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mitchell wants Drew Brees to ‘stop being soft’

Carolina Panthers safety Mike Mitchell made an appearance on the FnA podcast from FOX Sports L.A. and had some interesting comments. Particularly about New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the hit he received from San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks.

“The thing that I hated about the play, the whole thing, and this is what these offensive guys are doing, they’re kind of running with it,” Mitchell said.  “Drew Brees is throwing a fit in the post-game interview saying how he got hit in the chin and he was dazed, and all this other stuff.  And it’s like, dude, the replay clearly shows he did not even touch you in the chin.

Stop being soft, get up off the ground,” Mitchell said.  “You fumbled the football, that’s why the only reason you were acting like you were hurt, is so you could draw a flag.”

Mitchell thinks this will lead to others copying Brees and flopping around to draw flags.

“You saw the play with Drew Brees,” Mitchell said.  “He did not get hit in the chin.  He got hit hard, which he should have got hit hard because we are playing full speed tackle football.  And he fumbled the football.  And I think that’s really was the reason he was down so long.  He was really trying to sell that and trying to get a flag.  And obviously it worked, and their team was able to steal a win because of that play.”

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  • ts123

    Mitchell, thanks for the bulletin board material.

  • bk

    Brees, Brady, Manning… none of them could have played in the 70′s.. The NFL had to change the rules so no one could hit them. How many O Holding calls did the saints have Monday? For the year? Denver? Patriots? LOL, it’s a joke, these guys hold on every play and never get called… then, if and when someone actually touches the QB.. you would think it was soccer… stay down, writhe around throw up your hand.. PUZZY’s

    • steve d byrum

      If it was your QB you would be crying a river too, how would you act like if a 330+ player hit you while standing still? The player tried to knock him into tomorrow? Plus this is old news now. And the man isnt soft, watch the video he got the snot knock out of him!

      • bk

        It’s football, not soccer.. He gets up and starts crying right away for a flag..anyone who lobbies for a flag after they get hit is a wimp..plain and simple…infact, it should be an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for showing up the ref’s… No way that is called if it’s Roethlisberger, Flacco, Kaepernick, Ryan, etc… only the 3-4 chosen ones get every call like that… Brees, Manning, and TommyBoy..

        • steve d byrum

          Point taken, but my point is i think any QB that got hit as hard as he did would of got up and put there hands in the air looking for a flag! Thats all am saying here.

          • steve d byrum

            And you should pay attention to all the players that play offence, because alot of players get up looking for flags! So your saying there wimps to? Just look at any offence and you will see what am talking about! Like a WR getting up looking for a flag same thing Brother. My other point is this has been blown way out of content!

          • bk

            I think the Wr’s are just as bad, my point is why is the NFL going out of their way to protect certain position players, but, not others… look how many OL are on DL because of cut blocks..look at the way the OL hook a DE/OLB around the neck on a pass rush and no call… Why is contact to the head of a wr/qb illegal yet an OL can put a headlock on a blitzer? Soon it will be touch football and no one will watch…

        • octavia a henry

          Really!! until it’s your QB.

    • octavia a henry

      All three are Great and three will be in the hall of fame who’s your QB what you mad?

  • Jared Folks

    Drew Bree’s goes harder then any player in the league. if you watch the NFL on every play both offensive players and defense players are looking for a call to go their way.. Don’t blame the players blame the NFL

  • jdjsmit

    Well, lets see, if the league didn’t protect the quarterbacks how long would it be before the NFL has a fan base about the size of the Area Football League. Secondly, here you have all these tough guys talking smack about how the league is going soft, can’t use your helmet, can’t hit the QB, but these same guys, including that numb skull Ray Lewis will be the first to get in line to sue the NFL and get in line for the $750 million the league just paid out when they can’t remember that they went to their kid’s soccer game!

  • octavia a henry

    Mitchell can do like the Duck if you know what I mean.

  • octavia a henry

    We are people of perseverance say what you want about our city and our team we don’t care we will prevail take your cheap shots. So many haters