Aug 24, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants corner back Terrell Thomas (24) leads his team onto the field before the start of a preseason game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Thomas says Giants are ‘gonna win this game’ against Cowboys

The New York Giants have been doing a lot of talking this week ahead of their match up against the Dallas Cowboys. In the season opener the Cowboys beat the Giants, and that was just the first in a six-game skid to start the season. The Giants are now on a four-game win streak and budding with confidence.

“No doubt. We’re gonna win this game. You can tell ‘em, put it on the bulletin board, it doesn’t matter because we have to win this game. Our season is on the line right now,” cornerback Terrell Thomas said on SiriusXM NFL Radio, via Pro Football Talk.

“We had six turnovers in the first game, we felt we gave that one away,” Thomas said. “As bad as we played on offense . . . as bad as we could have played on defense, we felt like we really could have won that game. And it really just kind of led to the 0-6 start, that we didn’t win that game kind of left a bad taste in our mouth. So it’s definitely a redemption game for us. . . . So come Sunday you’re going to get the best out of the Giants and it’s gonna be one of the classic Giants-Cowboys games.”

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is content to let the Giants do the talking.

“It happens sometimes, they’re getting on a roll and they understand how important this football game is,”Romo said, via ESPN Dallas. “And we’re going to put our head down and go to work and let everybody else out there talk.”

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  • Robert Scott Campbell

    This is usually out of character for the Giants but if this is what they need to do in order elevate their level of play then so be it. The quiet professional approach did not seem to be generating the confidence experienced in the first six games and let’s hope that this has the desired affect on their performance. The Giants’ secondary will be the key to winning this game. Dez Bryant will get the normal double team attention but if they are going to shut down Tony Romo then the Giants defense is going to have to bump Witten coming off the line and give the front four that extra half second necessary to disrupt and pressure Romo. For the offense it is simple control the clock and don;t turn over the ball. With a resurgent running attack the G-Men may be afforded the opportunity to become more dimentional with regards to play calling. Even if it is third and short the Giants need to run the ball and if they fail to convert then punt and live to fight another play. To all my Giants’ brothers and sisters in attendance this coming Sunday we really need that twelfth man on the field so let’s jack up the volume.

  • David Kerr

    Who?? Dallas is going to molly wop these trash talking fools. Even with Sean Lee out the Giants can’t hang with the Cowboys.

  • SmartThinking

    It’s a curious thing. All the bluster and chest pounding about this Sunday evening’s game, so far, has come from the usual Giants suspects. Longtime Dallas fans have come to expect the Giants players to mouth off and tell the world how they’re going to ‘hunt’ down Romo and ‘shed blood’ and all the typical boasting that goes with players trying to cover up their previous losses by yelling loudest about how they’re going to do this or that to the Cowboys.

    Other than Bryant’s reported response that he’s looking forward to the upcoming contest, everyone else on the Dallas team has been pretty quiet.

    I suppose that silence can be interpreted a couple of ways. Unlike the Giants, Dallas has never been a team of chest pounding braggarts. They’ve always remained quiet, kept their heads down and let their play prove their point. Problem is, if they do that at this game it’ll end up looking like another New Orleans game.

    So, who’s going to show up Sunday night with the Star on their helmet? We’ve already seen the team that let the Saints tear them apart. It’s about time that other team, you remember, the ones that played Denver toe to toe, take over and lead this team through the rest of this season.

    It starts Sunday evening. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!