Remember when JaMarcus Russell wanted to make a comeback?

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Does anybody else remember when JaMarcus Russell announced he was going to make a comeback?

Yeah that never happened. I remember watching his SportsCenter special where he made that inspirational come back video and honestly, I was hoping he would be able come back and do something great.

But according to CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman on Twitter, he saw JaMarcus Russell outside a hotel and looked like an offensive tackle. I believe a couple months ago Russell weighed in at almost 300 pounds. The guy was built like a defensive tackle at the time and was reached out to by Jeff Garcia.

Russell got to work and shed a bunch of weight and even got some attention from teams across the league. Teams like the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears considered giving him a work out. Well now that’s come and gone and now it looks like he’ll end up retiring.

It’s always hard losing a lot of the weight that you gained, especially if you worked so hard to get it off your frame. When he was first drafted, he was a player who got a lot of hype but now he will just be known as a bust who failed while trying to make a comeback.

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