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WWE Survivor Series 2013 Results: John Cena defeats Alberto Del Rio (GIF)

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WWE Survivor Series is live from Boston and the TD Garden. It is the 11th pay-per-view of the 2013 line up, and the 27th Survivor Series in WWE history. The next match was Alberto Del Rio challenging John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship in his hometown.

The match started with the two circling one another before locking up in a grapple. Del Rio had Cena from behind, but he reversed it and got him in a head lock. Del Rio, then reversed it and went off the ropes and knocked Cena to the ground on the bounce off the ropes.

They got into locks again and Cena eventually went off the ropes and knocked Del Rio to the ground. Cena was bouncing off the ropes again and Del Rio got up and threw Cena to the ground and got him in a lock. Cena powered his way to a standing position and broke the hold by throwing Del Rio off the ropes.

Del Rio got Cena back to the ground and started working on him. Del Rio went for a suplex and a cover but Cena kicked out quickly. Del Rio started working on Cena’s arm again but Cena stood up with Del Rio on his shoulders. Del Rio slid off, pushed Cena to the rope and clotheslined him and went for a quick pin.

Cena kicked out and Del Rio went to work again. With Cena on the mat he climbed the turnbuckle and jumped off landing a arm to Cena’s head as he jumped off. Cena rolled out of the ring. Del Rio followed him out and tried to slam his head into the pole. Cena countered but Del Rio quickly recovered and threw Cena into the steel steps. Del Rio rolled Cena back into the ring.

Cena laid on the ground as Del Rio kicked him a few times. He headed to the turn buckle and hit Cena with the same move from the top rope. He went for the pin and nearly landed it but Cena kicked out and Del Rio went to work on Cena’s arm again.

Cena stood up and reversed with some punches. He threw Del Rio into the corner and followed him, but he moved out-of-the-way and Cena ran into the turnbuckle. Del Rio then went to work on Cena on the mat again.

Cena found himself on the ground outside the ring and was being counted out. He got into the ring and ran into a clothesline and Del Rio went for the pin again. Cena finally got some momentum but Del Rio landed a splashdown and went for the pin again, but Cena kicked out.

Del Rio climbed to the top rope and mocked Cena’s “you can’t see me” hand gesture. He jumped off and Cena hit Del Rio with a drop kick. Both wrestlers laid on the mat, and Cena was first to his feet. He slammed Del Rio and went for the five knuckle shuffle but Del Rio countered while he was doing the hand over the face gesture.

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