WWE Survivor Series 2013 Results: Randy Orton defeats Big Show for WWE Championship (GIF)

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WWE Survivor Series is live from Boston and the TD Garden. It is the 11th pay-per-view of the 2013 line up, and the 27th Survivor Series in WWE history. This was the main event, The Big Show took on Randy Orton for his WWE Championship belt.

Big Show quickly got the upper hand and Randy Orton was out of it. Big Show had Orton in the corner and hit him with some big chops. Orton went to the ground and Show was standing in his throat. Orton retreated by rolling out of the ring. Big Show palmed his head and pulled him into the ring.

Show went back to work and landed a standing elbow drop on Orton and went for the pin. Orton kicked out though. Big Show had Orton in the corner and hit him with a couple more palms to the chest. Orton countered with a drop kick and began to stomp Show while he was on the ground.

Orton went for a knee drop and pin, but Show kicked out. Orton tried for a sleeper hold but Show stood up with Orton hanging on his back in the middle of the ring. He breaks the sleeper by falling backwards and slamming Orton. Show got the upper hand with some shoulder bumps and went for the Big Show but Orton rolled out of the ring.

Show chased after him and threw him into the steel steps twice. Show then rolled Orton into the ring as the referee was counting them out. With Orton lying on the ground Show went to the top rope. Orton kicked Show while he was up there leaving him stuck there. Orton then pulled him off and hit him with the DDT while his feet wear on the top rope.

Orton did some posing and flexing and appealing to the crowd as Show laid their immobilized. Then he went into his snake move and tried for the RKO but Show countered by throwing him into the rope. On the rebound Show grabbed him by the neck and went for the choke slam but Orton kicked out. Show called for the WMD, but Orton rolled out of the ring.

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