Drunk Bears fans have footrace that ends with running into pole (GIF)

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Nov 17, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Fans wait during a severe storm delay in the first quarter of a game between the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears dropped their Week 12 meeting with the St. Louis Rams on Sunday afternoon, but that didn’t stop their fans from having a little bit of fun. Video surfaced on Deadspin that shows two drunk Bears fans lining up for a footrace.

It’s never a good idea to go for a sprint when you are intoxicated and already having trouble with your center of gravity, so it’s not entirely surprising that this fight ends exactly as you would have imagined.

Unfortunately for the two runners, the sidewalk got narrower down their path and they tried squeezing together to avoid disaster. Well, one fan in a Walter Payton jersey wasn’t able to deal with the slight contact and he began stumbling until a light pole broke his fall.

It was a pretty hard collision, but no one seemed to be too harmed.

In fact, everyone that was watching the footrace take place eventually erupted in laughter after their initial concern.

You can watch a GIF below of their race below:

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