Victor Cruz says Orlando Scandrick holds on every play

The Dallas Cowboys heard all the New York Giants trash talk leading up to their game and remained quiet. They went to MetLife Stadium and got the win too. Cwoboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick stripped Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz of the football, and that was returned for a touchdown.

He always holds on every play,” Cruz said of Scandrick, via Jordan Ranaan of  “It’s always borderline whether it was pass interference or holding or whatever.  I just don’t think about that and understand that he is going to do that and play through.”

“You just have to understand what you’re coming into and what type of player he is,” Cruz said. “You watch him on the field, he grabs and holds on everyone.  You just have to be able to battle through it and get yourself open.”

Cruz had just two receptions for 27 yards in the game. Scandrick said after the game that he even “begged” Cowboys cornerback coach Jerome Henderson to leave him on Cruz when Claiborne left the game in the third quarter with a hamstring injury. He was also one of the more vocal Cowboys after the game.

“I’ve never heard a team that was 4-6 talk like that. We’re 5-5, 6-5 now, and we have no room to talk,” Scandrick said, via the Dallas Morning News.


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  • Jd

    Here’s an idea Cruz. Instead of complaining about holding, how bout you apologize for not being able to hold onto the ball that probably changed the game.
    That’s an idea huh?
    Just another example of why the Giants organization is slowly losing their class title.
    And the fact that Coughlin let this talking going on like this, is just another reason why it’s time for a change at head coaching.

  • SmartThinking

    These New York players don’t know when to shut up and take the loss like men. Someone send them a case of cheese to go with their whine!

    Cruz complaining about holding? Really?

    I heard an NFL ref say one time that there’s a holding penalty on every down of every game in pro football

    He also said their hardest job as refs was deciding which player to call and when to sit back and let them fight it out.

  • David Kerr

    Really? The game is over. He lost. Get over it. He only had one catch that didn’t result in a Cowboys touchdown haha.