Bill Goldberg leaving his return up to the WWE


We all know that the WWE is well known for their top stars like Triple H, The Rock, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena. It’s pretty obvious who the top guys in the companies were because they picked up more TV time and pay per view events more than anybody else.

When WCW was still alive and well, Bill Goldberg stepped onto the scene and became the top guy with that business before it was taken apart. During the WWE/WCW Monday Night Wars, Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin were like captains for both companies.

Even though WCW still had Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Sting,  fans couldn’t get enough of Goldberg. A University of Georgia Bulldog Alumni and former NFL player turned professional wrestler, was one of the biggest wrestlers in the entire industry. It’s pretty safe to say that he was almost on the same level as Stone Cold Steve Austin when it came to fan recognition despite the two companies being rivals.

I know I tuned in for both RAW and Nitro every Monday night to check out what Steve Austin and Goldberg had in store for everybody. His undefeated streak of stood at 173-0 before he was defeated by Kevin Nash at Starrcade for the World Heavyweight Championship.

He spent a brief period of time with the WWE after Stone Cold Steve Austin decided to call it a career after WrestleMania 19. Knowing he wasn’t going to be the same star he was in WCW, I didn’t really expect a whole lot out of him.

Ever since he’s walked away from the industry, there has always been rumors about him returning to action. Recently there has been some discussion and a possible return.

Goldberg was at C4 Comic Con in Canada last month and was asked if he would be wrestling at WrestleMania 30. According to, Goldberg said that Triple H did call him but no deal was in place.

They also noted that Goldberg is open to making a comeback and would like his son to see him wrestle. His return to the WWE would be left up to the company itself.

One guy he would more than likely go up against is Ryback. Hopefully this match is booked.

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