Aug 9, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers guard Josh Sitton (71) watches game against the Arizona Cardinals from the sidelines at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Sitton stands by his comments about Lions, Jim Schwartz

Ahead of their Thanksgiving Day match up, Green Bay Packers guard Josh Sitton made some less than flattering comments about his opponents, the Detroit Lions. He said it was a cultural problem starting with their head coach.

“They go after quarterbacks,” Sitton told WSSP. “Their entire defense takes cheap shots all the time. That’s what they do. That’s who they are. They’re a bunch of dirtbags or scumbags. That’s how they play, and that’s how they’re coached.

“It starts with their frickin’ coach. It starts with the head coach, Schwartz. He’s a d—, too. I wouldn’t want to play for him. It starts with him, and their D-coordinator and their D-line coach. They’re all just scumbags, and so are the D-line.”

On Thanksgiving Day, the Packers were beat by the Lions 40-10. Sitton stands by what he said though.

“I said what I said,” Sitton said after Thursday’s game. “I’m not taking it back.”

He backed off his comments a bit though.

“They played good,” Sitton said. “I mean, they played good up front. No one ever said they’re not a good front. We know that. I think they’re probably the best inside front probably in the league. But like I said, I don’t take anything I said back.”


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