Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Fans arrive before a NFL football game on Thanksgiving between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys at AT

Cowboys fan beaten unconscious by Raiders fan after Thanksgiving Day game

The Dallas Cowboys hosted their annual Thanksgiving Day game against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday. The Cowboys managed to come back from a 21-7 deficit to win the game.

After the game however, a Cowboys fan was attacked by a group of four Raiders fans and viciously beaten. The victim was left on a sidewalk unconscious.

From the Dallas Morning News:

The assault happened shortly after the game and left the man unconscious on a sidewalk at Cowboys Way and AT&T Way, according to authorities.

The man, who was not identified, was taken to a hospital by ambulance with injuries that were not life-threatening, police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said.

No arrests have been made, and a detailed description of the silver-and-black-clad suspects was not available.

“Officers attempted to find witnesses but had none willing to come forward last night,” Richard said.

Post game violence is seeming to become a more regular thing. There was the most famous incident from 2011 involving San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow who was attacked in Los Angeles by Dodgers fans. In September, a fan wearing Dodgers gear was stabbed and killed leaving a Giants game in San Francisco.

There was a video of Jets and Patriots fans getting into at MetLife Stadium recently, and just earlier this season Cowboys fans were involved in a bottle smashing confrontation in San Diego at the Chargers game.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Chris Schroeder

    I’m a huge Raiders fan, and SF Giants fan and it’s extremely sad and frustrating to know that people would do that to another human being just because they liked a different team. The Raiders have always been known for their tough nosed football from 30 years ago, but for the fans to take it off the field and onto the street is ridiculous. It’s gives the rest of Raider nation a bad name, cause believe it or not….. Not all of us are low class thugs. Bryan Stow will never be the same again and is lucky to be alive because some LA thugs decided to take the rivalry to a whole new level. Not only does it take the fun out of the sport, but it makes it hard for families to carry on the tradition of taking their children out to the game in fear of their lives. Owners need to reenforce their security to make sure these people are protected or they need to be held responsible. These are multimillion dollar industries because of the fans. The least they could do is make sure they can attend the game safely.

  • MVPTexas


  • AF AF AF

    Raiders fans or not that is another human! This is extremely sad that anyone would do something like this for only wearing the wrong gear! This is just drunken stupidity!

    • manmadeclimatechangeisbs

      This is all to do with alcohol and probably a cowboy fan that ran his mouth. I dont condone what happened, but I see how it is possible. I was there and had some half drunk cowboy fan talking to my 6 year old son! Didnt say anything while they were losing, then talks at my 6 yr old? Cowboy fans are a bunch of punk asses!

  • raidernation

    Mvp texas… u a fucken moron ppl like u is what start shit ..with that mouth…