Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Andre Holmes (18) runs after catching a pass against the Dallas Cowboys during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

Jerry Jones says Cowboys were impatient with Andre Holmes

The Dallas Cowboys got a win over the Oakland Raiders on Thanksgiving Day. They had a hard time containing a former teammate though. Current Raiders wide receiver, and former Cowboy, Andre Holmes caught seven passes for a game high-136 yards. Not to surprising considering Holmes was trying to stand out and playing especially hard for this game.

“If I had a calendar, I check [this day] because I wanted to come here and play well in front of a team I had played for,” Holmes said, via the Dallas Morning News. “A lot of the [Cowboys] came over and said, ‘Good job.’ It felt good.”

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones noticed his play, and went on to say that the Cowboys might have been impatient with him and let a good player leave.

“That was the practice squad Andre we were counting on the following year,” Jones said about Holmes’ performance Thursday. “We’ve seen him do that and have seen it a lot and a matter of fact, Tony [Romo] was talking about, ‘Man, we’ve got a receiver who is just outstanding and he’s probably going to be one who can help us.’ But when we got him out there and got him in the group, we didn’t see that. I guess we were just a little impatient, but he sure could get it.”



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  • SmartThinking

    My God! What’s wrong with me? I’ve now agreed with Jerry Jones twice this season!

    I actually said it out loud when the Cowboys released Holmes that I thought it was a bad idea. That he had soft hands and caught everything thrown anywhere near him.

    But four tight ends? And, of course, our number two draft pick is lighting up the scoreboard every time he gets in the game!!!

    If only we’d kept Holmes and used that number two for a stud defensive tackle or offensive guard!

    Holmes looked very good yesterday and made it a game against Dallas’ secondary. I saw a lot of former Cowboy players in the three games I watched yesterday. Either this team is so talent heavy lots of them can’t stick or our coaches are letting very talented players go who could have helped this team be more successful.

  • JoeDaBeast

    Funny, though, not too much discussion of Mike Jenkins’ play, being a former 1st Rounder for the Cowboys. He played with the same attitude and fire he’s always played with.