Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) throws in the pocket in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

Oakland Raiders will roll with Matt McGloin in Week 14

Last night’s game between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys was a pretty intense match up and almost had an unexpected outcome.

For awhile I thought the Raiders were surely going to walk away with a victory but things didn’t turn out that way.

Now that they’ve put that loss in their back pocket, it’s time to focus on their next opponent. In Week 14, the Oakland Raiders will be taking on Geno Smith and the New York Jets.

The Jets have a tough defense so this match up will be tougher than the one they faced in Dallas last night. With Pryor anxiously waiting be healthy enough for his number to be called again, the Raiders will roll with the outstanding rookie quarterback during Week 14.

He doesn’t have the best record right now as a starter, but he’s put up some solid numbers for this teams offense. In the four games he’s played, three of them starts, he’s passed for nearly 800 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions.

He’s showing signs of being a great quarterback who is comfortable in the pocket but will more than likely become the back up once again.

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  • Chris Schroeder

    Mcgloin has the skills and the mindset to be another Drew Bree’s type Quarter back. I’d say whether or not he regresses back to the back up roll is entirely up to his progressions. I see spurts of greatness and I see rookie mistakes. he’s putting up good numbers but if he doesn’t throw an interception in the end zone and fumble at the 1 yard line then the Cowboys lose in embarrassing fashion with no chance of a comeback on Thanksgiving. Those mistakes basically handed the Cowboys their momentum on a silver platter. Hopefully McGloin can learn from that and can move on and learn how to successfully win in this league. i’m sure a lot of the blame can be put on the coaching staff as well. Andre Holmes should’ve been receiver in the end zone not Jacoby Ford. It’s stupid shit like that which makes me think that Greg Olsen just might not be the right guy for the job going forward but perhaps he to will learn from this. Overall id say the coaching staff has done well considering the lack of talent and depth they have this year but next year they should have a plethora of talent and depth so if they cant manage to make the playoffs next year I’d say the Raiders woes are not just woes but perhaps a curse. The way they’re starting game this year, outscoring opponents by a ridiculous margin in the first half only to fall apart in the second. Imagine what they will do next year when they have depth and more talent.