Nov 28, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy on the runs onto the field prior to the start of a NFL football game against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Packers' Mike McCarthy: It was a disappointing and embarrassing loss

The Green Bay Packers went to Michigan for a Thanksgiving Day game against the Detroit Lions. It was a fight for first place in a close division, but it wasn’t much of a fight. The Lions beat the Packers 40-10, and dropped below .500 for the first time since Week 5, when a win over the Detroit Lions brought them to .500.

“We don’t feel very good about ourselves right at this minute. I think that’s to be expected,” Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said in his postgame press conference. “Everybody knows what the expectations are every time they take the field, that’s to win football games. We’ve played eight, nine games in a row. We’re a wounded team that got drilled today by a good football team. That’s the facts of the matter. We have a long weekend. Hopefully, we’ll get some more people back but frankly, you have to run the football, you have to pass protect, you have to get off blocks, you have to tackle.”

McCarthy didn’t single anyone out for the loss, but blamed the team as a whole.

“It kind of ruins the holiday,” offensive lineman T.J. Lang. “I really don’t know, man.”

McCarthy agreed calling the loss “very disappointing and embarrassing.”

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  • Rick Giovengo

    What the Packers are facing right now is a crisis of leadership. As an Organizational Psychologist I get paid to go into organizations and address performance issues; the Packers have huge performance issues. And getting Aaron Rodgers back only solves one aspect of the overall
    performance issues. I think now there is no denying that Aaron Rodgers has been caring a team that has slowing been cracking at the seams. Performance problems are like an old bridge, the bridge just does not collapse, and there are little things that start to break until the entire bridge falls into the water. Currently the Packers are an old bridge that’s cracking.

    The Packer’s performance problems can be traced back to 2011 and have slowing manifest itself into the total collapse into the water; a situation fans are starting to openly see. The leadership is in complete denial about these performance problems – many organizations suffer from similar issues, the disease of denial. It is difficult as a leader to look inside face things that you just do not want to see. Every word out of MM’s mouth are words of denial. If you keep telling yourself everything is OK, you start to believe it.

    But football is a game of performance and action, not words. The Packers defense has been sub par for two seasons now (I would actually say three, but to be fair…). The Packer organization must start Facing up to the facts (and stats) for they don’t lie – people lie (or deny), facts and stats do not. The Packer organization is going to have to do some real soul-searching if they are going to be a contender with its
    current leadership. I respect the Packers as a team and as an organization, and their views on loyalty, but
    loyalty with no performance does not win games.

  • Loren Baldwin

    Totally agree with Rick on this, the Packers have been traveling down this road for a few years. Usually Rodgers can bail them out with his arm. We see what happens when he’s out of the picture. There needs to be a major housecleaning throughout the organization maybe starting with the HC and some position coaches. At the very least, take the play calling out of McCarthy’s hands.

  • Peter Maiz

    If Rodgers doesn’t play against Atlanta, we’ll probably falter way too quickly.