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Colton Orr cradles George Parros' head after fight (Video)

It was only a matter of time before George Parros got his rematch with Colton Orr. The last time the two heavyweights slugged it out, things didn’t go so well for Parros. You may recall a spine chilling scene from the preseason in which Parros faceplanted into the ice after fighting with Orr.

Parros was wheeled off the ice on a stretcher after the incident, but would eventually return to action for the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs faced off against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight, and in time the two ended up lining up next to each other for a faceoff. The result was predictable, but there is one little action here worth noting.

As the two fell to the ice, Orr appeared to cradle Parros’ head to prevent a similar situation from occurring. Reactions to the inevitable bout were mixed, but it was nice to see a bit of honor take place on the sheet of ice. All too often these days we see players running each other into the boards from behind and playing with a reckless abandon.

Orr knows he has a job to do here, as does Parros. As the two fall though, it’s rather incredible that Orr’s mindset shifted so quickly from “pound his head in” to “make sure he doesn’t hit his head on the ice again.”

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