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Raiders will have a lot of cap space to work with this offseason

The Oakland Raiders might have found their quarterback going forward in Matt McGloin, though they’ve said they aren’t closing the door on Terrelle Pryor.

The Raiders will have an opportunity to get significantly better in the offseason thanks to a lot of cap space. According to reports they could have up to $70 million to work with.

From Pro Football Talk:

Per a league source, the Raiders currently have only $57 million in 2014 salary-cap commitments.  Assuming a 2014 cap in the range of $125 million, that gives the Raiders $68 million to work with.

Throw in their remaining 2013 space of $2.7 million (which can automatically be carried over), and it puts them over $70 million under the cap.

This gives Oakland a chance to rebuild and bolster need positions if they can spend the money wisely and over a range of players. According to PFT they’ll have some competition in free agency, they said there are at least three teams with over $40 million in cap space to work with.

  • Jaguars ($58 million with 44 contracts)
  • Browns ($49 million with 52 contracts)
  • Bears ($47 million with only 26 contracts)
  • ($39 million with 41 contracts)
  • Vikings ($27 million with 41 contracts)

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  • Jared Myers

    I think Reggie will stay mainly in-house.
    Locking up Veldheer and Houston long-term should be Priority #1a and 1b
    (respectively) in the offseason

    As far as free agents are concerned, I wouldn’t mind Reggie making a
    play for guys like Golden Tate, Brandon Myers (yeah, him), Michael Oher,
    Nnamdi Asomugha (yeah, him too), and Sam Shields. All of those guys
    would fill positions of need. Bringing in Tate (combined with the
    emergence of Jennings) might allow us to package Ford and McFadden for
    an extra draft pick. Oher would allow us to cut ties with Barnes for
    sure and perhaps Pashos/McCants as well. Asomugha/Shields would make
    Adams/Hanson and perhaps Porter expendable. All of the above would be upgrades,
    IMHO. Roach as well needs to be re-signed for sure.

    Draft-wise, my first inclination would be to address the D-line. I’d
    re-sign Walker, Sims, and Hunter to 1-2 year deals — and have Clowney
    on top of our draft board, with Nix as my 2nd choice and Tuitt as my 3rd
    choice. I think our defense would be better as a result.

    Just my $0.02 worth…..

    • mccall316

      Asomugha is washed up. He plays man to man and the Raiders don’t play that as much any longer. Shields would be alright. Ford and McFadden are both expiring contracts so you won’t get anything from them. I doubt Oher will leave Baltimore as he is ready to be their left tackle for years to come. If it happens, it would rule but let’s not forget that Oakland spent a draft pick last year on right tackle Watson. He may have been hurt a lot this season, but the signs are there for him. The dream o-lineman that Raider fans should want is Alex Mack from the Browns. Center position has been shaky and Wiz needs to be a guard. Mack fills that role of Center, you move Wiz to right guard with Watson next to him. Veldheer, who isn’t going anywhere, at left tackle and Brisiel or a new left guard slotted in that position. I do like your idea to bring back Myers.

      I believe Roach signed a two year deal when he arrived in Oakland, I could be wrong. Porter has shined and should stay. Clowney will likely be gone by the time Oakland makes their pick unless they don’t win another game. Nix would be a nice pickup or Wide Receivers Watkins or Evans. One thing is for sure, don’t spend the 1st pick on a QB. I would love for them to pick up Aaron Murray in a later round but they spent a 4th on Tyler Wilson last year.

      And Khalif Barnes can fall off the planet and I wouldn’t mind! The guy is horrible.