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Report: Rockets want two first round picks in return for Omer Asik

Omer Asik has requested a trade from the Houston Rockets, and it is now known that he is being shopped. The Rockets are in a bit of a hole here, as they don’t need Asik, so teams are going to give them low offers hoping that they will just give him up sooner rather than later.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey is one of the smarter executives in the league, so I don’t doubt any move he makes, but he may have fallen off the wagon on this one. Just days after a GM came out and said the Rockets are delusional in their asking price for Asik, Alan Hahn of the MSG Network reports that they are asking for a lot:

It’s December, so the NBA trade market heats up. #Knicks, like others, are shopping, what’s available? More:

Not much.

The name that is dominating the early rumors is Omer Asik of the Rockets. The disgruntled center can be had, but Houston isn’t just giving him away.

In fact, the Rockets are setting the market high for Asik, with a demand of two first round picks in any deal. 

Nobody is giving up first round picks in this draft, and teams like the Knicks and Lakers who don’t rely on draft picks have traded them all away. There is no way they are getting two first round draft picks, and I highly doubt that they will get one. Asik will probably be moved this season, but Morey needs to get realistic if he wants to get the trade done.

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