Nov 30, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Auburn Tigers cornerback Chris Davis (11) gets past Alabama Crimson Tide punter Cody Mandell (29) and scores a 100 yard touchdown during the fourth quarter at Jordan Hare Stadium. Auburn Tigers won 34-28. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama fans petitioning for an Iron Bowl OT, claim Auburn's Chris Davis was out-of-bounds

Some Alabama fans are still upset about the loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. They’re claiming that Auburn cornerback Chris Davis stepped out-of-bounds and the missed call cost them the game. They’ve created a petition on asking for an overtime to be played between the two games.

There are videos on YouTube claiming he stepped out, but to me it is hard to tell and it doesn’t look like he did. The petition includes a picture that shows Davis’ foot out-of-bounds but that could just be a weird camera illusion. It looks like his foot is actually in the air and not on the ground out-of-bounds and because of that, and the angle the picture was taken, it looks like his foot is out-of-bounds. For instance like the picture above just at an angle that makes him look like he is out-of-bounds.

Nevertheless, here is the petition on from Tracy C. as it was written:

Chris Davis from Auburn was clearly out of bounds in running the missed field goal back for a touchdown in the 2013 Iron Bowl. There was way to much riding on this game for that to have been missed- a SEC Championship and National Championship. I think they should put together an overtime play for Auburn and Alabama. Yes, I know how impossible that sounds and how much trouble it will be BUT sometimes you have to make wrongs RIGHT and with so much riding on that game the SEC and NCAA needs to make it right for the players, university, fans, coaches, SEC and SPORTS in general. And if they don’t like the hassel then go out and make sure your employees, the refs, are not making such HUGE mistakes. And the refs needs to be punished for not even reviewing the play because it wasn’t even close- he was CLEARLY out of bounds. Its not fair to say that this is over and overtime can’t be played now just because of how much trouble this would be to put together. It was wrong….and you need to make it right regardless of the hassel.
SEC and NCAA- do the right thing and make this right for everyone involved!!

Here is the picture the petition contains:

Here is video of the play claiming he stepped out:

Here is a better video of the play:

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • theconservatarian

    Bless their little pea-pickin’ hearts…

    War Eagle.

  • howboutthat?

    I hate it for the bammers. So sad.

  • Joe Noe

    It shows nothing, the arrow pointed at him inbounds. Eat it sore losers….. you lost!~

  • Angie Colburn Warner

    It disputes nothing. Saban made the biggest mistake of his coaching career when he didn’t let the game clock run out and win it in OT. I believe whole heartedly Bama would’ve won it and It didn’t matter to me who won. Bama fans are wasting their time petitioning this. Move on.

  • Samuel Mann

    Roll Tide! But come on my fellow Bama fans! Auburn won and now you are stooping to grasping for straws. LOSE with some class please. They were the better team on the field now it is time to support them and hope they get the opportunity to bring home the crystal trophy again. Stop living up to our reputation across the nation by acting like spoiled brats!!!! Congrats Auburn fans you deserve to enjoy the win. Until next year may the rivalry live on!!!

    • Katosen

      A sensible Alabama fan. It’s rare to see those. Regardless of the outcome, Auburn won, Alabama lost, and it was a damn good game regardless of the outcome.

      • Samuel Mann

        Yes it was! Best I have seen in 30 years. I hope you guys make it all the way!

  • brian039

    Good thing Chris Davis is a bit bowlegged or else he would have stepped out.

  • OrangeandBlue

    Watch the video that says busted. Someone videoshopped it. When he ran back he ran to the left side, and in that video it shows him running to the right side of the field. What a bunch of hypocrites.
    War Eagle!!

    • Mike Dyce

      The video isn’t photoshopped, they just made it a mirror image I’m assuming to avoid copyright law and getting it removed. Still, it doesn’t look like he stepped out or at least it isn’t clear enough to say he did.

  • Jill

    This is too funny. If you notice the second picture… the one with the abc33/40 logo. That is not Chris Davis running. That is #41. #41 has dreadlocks, Chris Davis doesn’t. Ummm…. #11 Chris Davis is on the sidelines with the other staff. Also the video is photoshopped… He ran to the left not to the right.

    • Mike Dyce

      I didn’t notice the dreadlocks and the other things in the picture you pointed out, that makes it especially funny that they’re using that picture as “proof.” The video isn’t photoshopped, they just made it a mirror image I’m assuming to avoid copyright law and getting it removed. Still, it doesn’t look like he stepped out.

  • AmericanwithaBrain

    There is a subset of Alabama fans that are a special kind of stupid. Now some are signing a document to remove all doubt. Ya’ll mad? Here, take a second….

    • Rebecca Spivey

      Yes, we lost. Yes, some folks need to just move on but, AmericawithaBrain, it’s y’all, not ya’ll. – BamaFanWithaBrain

      • AmericanwithaBrain

        I’m glad you got to the most important thing in the post, a typo on apostrophe placement. You don’t need to school me in southern, Rebecca. I can almost guarantee that I live farther south in Alabama than you do. Unless you live on Dauphin Island. Take a second, relax.

  • Alice Glover

    Alabama fans are stupid for pointing out the obvious. OK. Chris Davis WAS clearly out of bounds. A blind person could see it. But if Auburn fans want to believe it was a miracle in Jordan-Hare. Alright.

    • Sherbs

      Your eyes, they are failing you.

    • Ken Mangone

      Every scoring play in college football is reviewed. The call on the field was called a TD. CBS showed the video over a couple of times and showed that while he was close to the sideline, the heel never touched out. No matter if he had been out or not, the replay officials could not have found video proof to overturn the call. I still say Saban blew it. You are the #1 team in the country and have a stout D and O. You take a knee and trust your players to win it in OT. Unless he didn’t trust his players….

    • Guest

      I have evidence of Auburn cheating that Alabama fans will certainly find more believable than any replay.

    • AmericanwithaBrain

      I have evidence that Auburn was cheating that Alabama fans will find much more believeable than any network replay. Now rush right out and start a petition with this one:

  • Shannon Crosby

    No fair is fair he was out of bounds, we deserve poor fair chance.

  • Dennis Holland

    Give me a Second and I’ll check the replay. Nope you still lost.

  • Beth Wright Shook

    As a Bama fan, I find this so embarrassing. Look, I was sad they lost, but get over it. We had a great season, and we have a great team. These “fans” are making the entire fan base look like a bunch of idiots. The true fans I know would never sign this stupid petition, they also didn’t send death threats to the kicker, lets have some dignity please! RTR!

  • James G O’Quinn

    These are the same fools claiming Obama lost the election?