NFL Week 14 power rankings: Monday morning ranks

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Feb. 2, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA: The NFL logo on display near the red carpet prior to the Super Bowl XLVII NFL Honors award show at Mahalia Jackson Theater. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Week 13 of the NFL regular season is almost in the books, but we have one big game remaining. The top two teams in the league — the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints — are set to finish off the week in impressive fashion, with an exciting match up on Monday Night Football.

However, there was a full slate of games played on Sunday and a triple-header on Thanksgiving Day, so we have a good idea of how the NFL landscape is shaping up.

With just a month to go in the regular season and the playoff races heating up, let’s take a look at the current NFL power rankings heading in to tonight’s big game.

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  • Mathew Roberts

    Pats above Broncs, really? Ok, let’s review: the Broncs just went in to Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs, which makes twice in three weeks. The Pats just went into Houston and barely beat…the Texans, whom you have ranked, what 29th? I have great respect for the Pats, always, and obviously they’ll be formidable in the post-season, but until/unless they actually surpass Denver for 1st seed in AFC, your ranking is indefensible.

    • Mike Dyce

      The Patriots beat the Broncos.

  • cwillen

    Wait, wait, wait… How is it that the Panthers 27-6 win over the Buc “may have been too close for comfort”? I mean, should they have won by 28 or 35 for it to be “comfortable”? I was at the game, and I’d agree the Panthers weren’t playing flawlessly, but the Bucs defense is solid, and the Panther’s D prevented them from ever getting in the end zone.

    I’m not necessarily questioning the #5 slot, just the analysis.

    However, side rant, I don’t understand why everyone, including yourself, is ranking the Pats so highly. I’ve seen a lot of power ranking list with them in the top 5, and I’d agree they’re in there, but I think there #5. Their wins have been close, and I really don’t think they’re as flawless as everyone makes them out to be. Sure, they beat the Broncos, but that was more of a Broncos collapse than a Pats rally to victory. The Pats are definitely #4 or #5, but there’s no way they’re #3.

    • Tony F

      Thank you. Now I don’t need to articulate that point! Since when is a 21 point victory close?

  • skeletony

    It is now Thursday and no update for the Saints and Seahawks. I already know the rankings of course, at least for the Hawks but you really should update accordingly.