Dec 1, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) throws in the pocket in the second quarter against the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady doesn't 'really think much of' Antonio Smith's spying claims

The New England Patriots were losing to the Houston Texans when they bounced back in the second half. That had Texans’ defensive lineman suspicious of their improved play in the second half which led to a Patriots comeback win.

“You know, truthfully, we just played a little bit better in the second half,” Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said during his weekly appearanace on WEEI, via Field Yates of “We’ve kind of been through a lot of this before. I don’t really think much of it, truthfully. I just kind of have moved on. I’ve already started work on the Cleveland Browns, trying to find a way to play those guys better and get off to a better start.”

Brady elaborated on the half time adjustments and how they can impact the game.

“If you have like a bad first drive, you don’t really come over to the sideline and go, ‘All right guys, we’ve gotta change everything, let’s scrap all the crap we’ve been practicing all week and just start making stuff up on the fly,’” he said. “But I think by halftime you have really a good enough sample size to figure out how the game is being played, the things, the matchups that go in our favor, the matchups that don’t go in our favor. Maybe there’s some new things that they’ve done that we’ve got to adjust to, but ultimately, after halftime you get a chance to evaluate and say, ‘Well, how did that half play out?’

“You’ve got to be able to stick with it, stick with what we’re doing, kind of what we did against Denver,” he continued. “Or last week, we said, ‘OK, these are some of the things we’re going to get to and these are the matchups we like and we’ve got to start making the plays that we’re capable of making.’”

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