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Alabama fan leaves ‘Roll Tide’ tip for Auburn fan waiter

Nov 30, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Auburn Tigers fans storm the field in celebration following their victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide 34-28 after a 100 yard return of a missed field goal by cornerback Chris Davis (11) with no time left in the game at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama Crimson Tide fans are still feeling bitter after watching the rival Auburn Tigers take away their chances of a third straight national title appearance on a last second miracle touchdown return that came off of a missed field goal.

With the rivalry being one of the best in the sport, we also shouldn’t expect to see the sour taste in ‘Bama fans mouths going away anytime soon which is why a tip that surfaced on the Internet is no big surprise.

One waiter, who happens to be an Auburn fan, was apparently talking about the  big win around a customer who was an unhappy Alabama fan. When it came time to leave a tip and pay the bill, the Alabama fan wasn’t having any of it and left a “ROLL TIDE” tip before writing a little note.

You can check out the tip below:

Roll rivalries, roll. This is why we love the sport.

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  • Nogui

    what an arsehole. shoulda tipped the poor boy

  • Jason Wimberly

    Classless… with the crackdown of recruiting from boosters,(i.e. Reggie Bush/ USC) look at their roster only a few players are from Alabama, most of their players are from Florida and Texas. enjoy it while you can

    • DJ Riddle

      Not sure what the article has to do with recruiting, but since you mention that most of their players are from Florida and Texas…what percentage are we talking here? 70%? 80%?

  • Lee Stitzel

    As waiter you have to know if you talk about Auburn to an Alabama fan that you are not going to get a tip. Seems like the waiter made his choice. Was it worth it? Probably…

  • Warner MC

    It’s a $2.00 tip if they go the 20% route. Way worth $2 to talk shit to a Bama fan.

    • Brent Seaman

      $2 is 20% of $20?…where did you go to school? $20 x .20 = $4…

      • Warner MC

        Yeah. I thought about that. My bad. Typo.

        But… “Where did you go to school?” are you trying to troll me?

        • Brent Seaman

          I went to a school where I know 20% of $20 is $4….and no, no trolling

        • Jeremy Alan Howard

          How is that a typo? That’s just bad math.

          • Katoria Grissom

            Get off his nuts, dude. It was an innocent mistake.

  • Brent Seaman

    service circumvents rivalries…an excuse to be a classless, cheap a** douche. Would go the same way with any team by the way…$4 to prove your a di*K? Keep it classy Bammer fans…

  • gannon

    Sore ass losers. What kind of fanbase says they are going to kill thier kicker and his family then not tip. Stupid ass bama fans every single one of them sore ass cry.babies. Geaux. LSU Tigers!

    • ndotken

      “every single one of them”? … really??? … I think it’s highly unfair to generalize about an entire group of people based on the actions of a few

  • ItsNotTheSameThing

    Oh geez. Is he going to get thousands of dollars in sympathy tips, like the last two people who produced no tip tickets did? Both of them were proven to be faked. Makes me wonder if this one is, too.

  • Gregory Johnson

    Its better than teabagging the waiter/waitress like they did the LSU fan after that NATTY win. Stay classy BAMA!

  • Michael Rollins

    The Alabama fan is an idiot. Read this part: “One waiter, who happens to be an Auburn fan, was apparently talking about the big win AROUND a customer who was an unhappy Alabama fan.” He was not talking TO the Alabama fan. Why shouldn’t the Auburn fan be proud of his school/team? For Alabama fans, around means near, close by, in the vicinity. You know, not talking TO you. Get over it. You lost. Part of Life 101.

    • Paul Altum

      Read the receipt. The guy who was actually there wrote “to”, not “AROUND”. Oops. I’m sorry, did that ruin you’re little rant? :)

      • Michael Rollins

        No Paul, it didn’t. Perhaps you should read the article, not the receipt. There is a difference. The Alabama fan is still an idiot.

  • goofy_joe

    Classless…just goes to show how some people will use any excuse to be cheap.

  • Donald Aulbert III

    Ya this just shows that this particular fan was cheap. You can blame it on a rivalry but you should tip something. At least put the old ten percent down!

  • ndotken

    I wouldn’t have done this … but I still think it’s funny. People need to get a sense of humor and stop being so damn serious about everything.

  • Chris Calderhead

    Lighten up everybody, it’s 4 bucks. The server’s life or death is not in the balance here.

  • Steve

    Being a Michigan man, I actually expect this from most SEC fans. You folks make it so easy with the yokel and hillbilly jokes. Let me guess, this was at a Cracker Barrel, or Dennys?

    • dub

      It was at a Buffalo wild wings in north east Tennessee.

  • RipsNordic

    The Auburn waiter has the last laugh cause Auburn still won the game and Alabama has 1 loss. Boofuckinghoo