Will Mike Tomlin get fined and/or suspended? Odds favor 'yes'

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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is facing punishment from the league office as a result of his interference on a kick return from Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones. The league is reviewing the situation to determine whether to fine and/or suspend Tomlin, along with the chances of a possible forfeiture of a draft pick. With the Tomlin issue being such a hot topic around the sports world, the folks in Las Vegas have provided odds on what punishment the team should expect for their head coach. As far as Vegas is concerned, Tomlin is most likely to only receive a hefty fine. Here is a look at the Vegas odds and what punishments they favor, via Bovada.lv:

  • Fine only: 5/4
  • Suspension of at least 1 game only: 6/1
  • Fine and Suspension of at least 1 game: 2/3

What about the draft pick? Will the league be taking away a selection in the 2014 NFL Draft as a result of the punishment? The odds favor no.

  • Yes: +200     (2/1)
  • No: -300     (1/3)

What do you think Tomlin’s punishment should consist of? Sound off in the comments section below.

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