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Florida Gators should hire Tim Tebow as Quarterbacks coach according to Matt Bianchi

Matt Bianchi of The Orlando Sentinel writes about suggestions he has for the Florida Gators to improve their offense for next season, which can be found here.  Among his suggestions, Bianchi brings up the idea that the Gators should go put quarterback Jeff Driskel in the spread.  He goes on to say that the Gators should hire Tim Tebow to be their quarterbacks coach.

With all due respect to Bianchi, the things that Tebow can teach quarterbacks, his own career might suggest he does not know terribly well, including throwing mechanics, footwork, accuracy.  The parts that made Tebow special at Florida are really difficult to impart; his indomitable will, toughness and leadership.  Some of those things can be developed, but some of those are inborn within players.

This does not mean that Tebow could not be a quarterbacks coach; he could potentially be a great one.  He obviously brings leadership to the table and has shown the ability to deliver an inspirational speech and could be a real weapon in recruiting.  Parents and players may absolutely love him and he should annihilate the in home visits.  It does not necessarily mean he can be a great coach though.  There have been a number of terrific players that simply could not teach what they knew to other players because they had characteristics that just could not be taught.

The other part of this is it is a no win situation for Tebow or any player he is tutoring.  Both would be subjected to an unbelievable amount of criticism if they did not perform well.  On the flip side, if Tebow did show the ability to coach, his sycophantic fans would likely be unable to control themselves and try to fire Will Muschamp to make Tebow the head coach.

Multiple reports also have Tebow working to get a deal in broadcasting and being wooed by multiple networks for his services in that respect, so this seems unlikely.  Nevertheless, it is going to be discussed.

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