Portland Trail Blazers troll entire Eastern Conference on Twitter

The Eastern Conference in the NBA this season is just awful. So bad that Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki called a game against the Charlotte Bobcats a ‘must win.’ Not because their season is on the brink, but because the Western Conference is so tough that you need to collect as many wins against Eastern Conference opponents as possible to remain competitive.

“The way the West is shaping out, you need to win all your games against the Eastern Conference teams and steal a few here and there in the West,” Nowitzki said, via Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News. “If you look at the West record against the East, everybody’s kind of beating up on the lower teams in the East. That’s why the Atlanta loss was tough for us, where we had it in the bag and had a horrible fourth quarter.

“The way it shapes up in November, those are kind of must-wins. And against the West, the teams are so stacked up and so good that you’re going to lose some here and there. That’s just how it goes.”

The Portland Trail Blazers took the east-west rivalry further with this tweet.

The Phoenix Suns got in on it as well.


And the Trail Blazers responded.

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  • Whyte Folks

    Um I think you need to find a new guy to interview! WTF? He doesn’t know
    if the blazers will get in the playoffs? Really 8th seed maybe? LOL
    This guy is freaking clue-less of has been under a rock for the begining
    of this season! Blazers have beaten almost every good team in the
    league and the only way we get down that far as to not making the
    playoffs is if injuries happen. Please find someone that knows what they
    are talking about next time. This guy was smoking something seriously!
    GO BLAZERS! Team basketball wins over loaded superstar teams any day of
    the week! N I will put my money where my mouth is!

    • Mike Dyce

      Are you commenting on the right post? No where does this post mention seeds in playoffs.