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Seattle Mariners emerge as ‘major players’ for Robinson Cano

Nearly every set of rankings had Robinson Cano at the top of the list when it came to the available free agents on the open market this winter, but few could have possibly predicted that he’d end up being an option for the Seattle Mariners. It would seem, however, that the Mariners have emerged as “major players” for Cano’s services, according to sources who spoke with ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews.

It’s been widely expected that Cano would end up re-signing with the New York Yankees this winter, but to date the two sides have remained far apart in talks. The Yankees reportedly have an offer on the table to Cano, believed to be in the neighborhood of seven years and $160-170 Million. The team has expressed some hesitation to budge off that price, publicly stating that they won’t exceed $200 Million in order to retain their second baseman. It’s still unknown what Cano’s camp has actually asked for. Numerous times they have denied ever asking for a deal close to or exceeding $300 Million, as had been widely reported over the past few months.

Seattle is desperate to upgrade an offense that struggled nearly across the board. To further complicate things, the organization has had difficulties luring big name options to the Great Northwest. With a strong pitching staff in place, however, the Mariners could be a surprise contender if they are able to scrape together a respectable lineup. Cano would be a big step in that direction.

Matthews relays suggestions that the team could be willing to go to eight years and $200 Million on a potential offer to Cano. If he’s placed a priority on taking the biggest deal on the table, a move to Seattle could be possible here.

It remains to be seen if New York’s deal with Jacoby Ellsbury will have any impact on their ability to re-sign Cano, as that deal was completed a few hours after Matthews’ report first published. The Yankees’ deal with Ellsbury is for seven years, with an option for an eighth so one has to wonder if they’ll be willing to match that to retain their own homegrown player. It’s also tough to predict how much the team will be willing to spend, given the already excessive payroll commitments that the team has on the books and their stated desire to get under MLB’s luxury tax threshold.

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  • Jd

    I’m sorry, but after the Yankees dished out 7 years for 153 to Ellsbury, letting Cano walk would be absurd. 8 years @ 200 million would definitely get it done. And they would still have the money to get Choo and Tanaka.
    This Kelly Johnson move is disturbing and the thought of Omar Infante doesn’t exactly put a grin on my face, let alone a smile.
    Resign Cano, sign Choo and get Tanaka. Everything else will fall into place.

    • Aaron Somers

      I’ll agree that they need to sign Cano, but adding Choo makes zero sense now that they’ve thrown so much money at Ellsbury. There just simply isn’t room in the outfield for him at this point, either, with Gardner in left and Soriano moving to right.

      • Jimmy D

        Well, here’s the issues facing the Yankees, even if they sign Cano. The posting position for Tanaka has changed. It’s no longer to the highest bidder, it’s a max bid and now it’s up to the player to choose which team he wants to play for. So, for argument sake, if the Yankees don’t get Tanaka, they’ll have to trade for one. That means Gardner is gone. And actually, it looks like Gardner is out anyway. And as per a report a little earlier, the Arod situation will be in favor of the Yankees. As reports are coming out that he’ll be suspended, at least 100 games. If that happens, another report came out from the Yankees organization stating, they will buy out the remainder of Arods contract and let him go. That means, either Kelly Johnson plays 3rd, which is not a good idea, because he in no way profiles as a 3rd baseman or they have to trade for chase Headley, because O’Brien is not ready to step up to the bigs yet & take the position yet.
        And by losing Tanaka, the Yankees will have to over pay for either Garza or Jimenez or the more likely scenario of putting a big package together for a pitcher… .which would include, and take your pick from the bottom players: Gardner, Nunez, Warren or Phelps, Romine or Murphy, and probably at least one or two more prospects, probably one of our Outfielders, Williams, Austin, heathcott or Flores.
        So now we have a situation where our outfield is soriano, Ellsbury, ichiro, wells and Almonte. That simply doesn’t work. Wells is pretty much un-tradable, because he’s owed 21 million this year. No one will take ichiro at 41, unless he’s packaged in a deal for a 18 year old instructional player and Almonte has little to no value because of the other 4 prospect Outfielders I mentioned.

        And with a log jam at DH: Soriano needs to play dh often, he’s an awful corner outfielder. Jeter absolutely will need time at dh, McCann will definitely play dh, day games after night games and you don’t want to lose his bat, and wells needs playing time. So a spot start in the outfield, but more likely a pinch hitter & a couple days at dh.

        Now, of course this is all somewhat speculation with Arod being gone and assuming Cano resigns. But if Cano doesn’t resign, the Yankees absolutely have to add at least 2 more bats. And it’ll either be Choo or Cruz. Because beltran is out, so is Infante.
        That leaves the Yankees having to make 3 trades: a 3rd baseman, pitcher or 2, unless you really want to give Garza 20 million for 4-6 years. Or Jimenez, and again, unless you really want to give him 18-20 for 5-7 years. And a second baseman, which the rumors about Phillips have come back into play.

        Now, if Cano comes back, then this is all for its & giggles. But if he doesn’t, be prepared for a lot more Yankee moves.
        And remember one thing, Choo is also a Borus guy. And there’s still am offer out there to Choo from the Yankees. No one knows what it is or any details, but it’s out there.

        And to your original point… Soriano can’t play right field and Gardner doesn’t profile as a corner outfielder at all.
        Would I love a gardy, Ellsbury and Choo outfield, absolutely, best in baseball. But it won’t happen. Gardner is the odd man out here, and the Yankees best trading chip.

        And again, if Cano resigns, Arod doesn’t get suspended, the Tanaka situation works out for us, then everything I said won’t happen.
        But the Yankees have room for 3 more players, and that’s with Arod on the books. If he’s out, it’ll be merry effin Christmas for all us Yankee fans for years to come.

        I hope I’m wrong and we don’t have to over pay for another Borus client though.

      • Jimmy D

        Well, Cano is now gone and they added another outfielder. Not Choo, but Beltran. And the Yankees went back on their word & gave him the 3rd year.
        Which, as I said the other day, makes Gardner odd man out.
        So, Gardner will either be packaged in a deal for a pitcher or Phillips to play second base.
        It would be nice to keep Gardner, but it looks like he’s a goner.