Jul 30, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Los Angeles Angels fan before the game against the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington . Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Some Texas Rangers fans upset about the lack of white players on the team

Some Texas Rangers fans are still trying to grasp the amount of moves the front office has made. They shipped off second baseman Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder in a move that seemed to benefit the team’s line up. Then they traded outfielder Craig Gentry to the Oakland A’s for Michael Choice.

Some Rangers fans have noticed the lack of white players on the team and seem to be upset. It is important to note that this is a very small minority of Rangers fans, and not reflective of their fan base as a whole.

These types of tweets and messages are completely unacceptable and wrong.

Hat tip to:

Here are close ups of their tweets:

This guy defends his opinion and claims he isn’t a racist.

This guy is particularly upset:

Speculates more are to come:


Thinks it is reverse discrimination:

Even suggests a new name for the team:

Or this upset girl:

And she has a theory:


And now we know why she is mad:

There is this guy:

  But he claims he was making fun of the others:



Who also claims he was making fun of the others:

Doesn’t seem upset, just pointing it out:

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  • Blake Cullum

    These aren’t ranger fans, these are piss poor fans who need to relize this is the 2000′s not the 1940′s.

  • Carla Jacobs

    i keep referring back to herm edwards very wise comment to people who post thoughtless, stupid tweets…”don’t press send!” if you do, everyone out there will know how stupid, and in this case narrow-minded, you truly are. all i can say is, WOW, scary, to this story.

    …and, GO A’s!

  • danny

    This is just disgusting to read. I hate this racist ass country. You just lost a fan Mr. Dyce.

    • Mike Dyce

      How did I lose a fan? I didn’t write these tweets? I don’t support what they say.

    • Tommy Overstreet

      danny- Dyce is a good guy here. He is bringing this BS to the forefront so we can see all the idiots out there. That’s all.

      • Mike Dyce

        Thanks Tommy.

  • danny

    Mr. Dyce, I apologize for my previous comments. I stopped reading at “A tip of the hat to…”. This story seriously sickens me. I live in Arlington, and when I was a kid, I could literally hop the fence at my apartment complex and I’d be at the game. I used to love watching Nolan pitch back then. I actually did notice the lack of black players back then, but I didn’t care not one bit. I was watching the greatest pitcher ever! Sports has always been able to rise above petty things like race. If you got skills, you’re in. It sickens me that so many fans sitting around me in a great place like The Ballpark in Arlington, are actually just full of ignorant hate. I think writing this article almost gave them too much recognition.