Rumor: Nick Saban to Texas is a done deal

There have long been rumors that connected Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban to the Texas Longhorns and on Wednesday another rumor was passed along that said Saban leaving for Austin is a done deal.

Of course, this is strictly a rumor so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but it is an interesting bit of news.

From The Football Braniacs:

We have word now from two trusted sources that Nick Saban to Texas is a done deal. One of the sources said the money he will get is substantial (obviously) but we haven’t got any word on what that number might be.

UPDATE: for those asking for exact dates on when this is going to happen. We don’t know. We are telling you what we know which is that we have two very good sources that have told us that Nick Saban is going to Texas and one of the sources said that the money is going to be substantial. We would not have run this unless we trusted the sources.

There is a chance that this rumor never comes to fruition, but the timing is interesting considering the fact that Alabama just lost to their in-state rivals.

The Crimson Tide had a chance at a real dynasty if they were able to win a third straight national championship, but those hopes came crashing down after a last second loss.

With plenty of key players likely leaving Alabama for the 2014 NFL Draft, including star quarterback A.J. McCarron, there could be no better time for Saban to jump ship and help restore the Texas Longhorns to glory.

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  • Fred Giles

    Actually wouldn’t surprise me, but Mack has to be fired or let go before any of this would be possible

    • Orly MacGregor

      After Texas loses to Baylor, Brown could announce his retirement.

  • Mary Jefferson

    Mack Brown hasn’t even been fired!!

    • Bevo Austin

      He’s not going to be fired either. Texas has class and will allow him to “retire” with a little persuasion.

      • Todd

        Hook’em Bevo Austin!

    • Joe Burgett

      Exactly, he actually is putting together a pretty good season to be honest. It looked shaky early, but now it’s looking good for Brown. Why fire him now?

  • guest

    So when was saban deciding this? When he was in hoover recruiting or when he flew to mississippi to get another DT to commit to bama or when he was in louisiana 2 days ago visiting a recruit wearing bama gear? Lol…this is someone using our loss to try to stir the pot…again

    • Guest User

      He did all of that when he was at LSU. Still recruited and still wore the LSU colors. Just because he does all of that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to leave. He’s said he was staying and left in the past so don’t think just because you’re Alabama that he’s going to stay there either. I’m not saying that he is going to stay, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he left.

      • Cletus

        When he left LSU, he wasn’t going to another college program. So whatever players he was recruiting had no bearing his new job in the NFL. If he left Bama for Texas, continuing to get 4 and 5 stars to go to Alabama where he may have to compete against him wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. He’s not going anywhere. Sorry. If I was an Auburn fan, I would spend my time worrying about Malzahn going to Texas instead of worrying what’s going to happen with Saban.

        • Ralph Fiscus Jr

          So you’re saying the recent recruits might be sabotage for the next coach? LOL

        • you what now

          Lol it doesnt matter who is the head coach at Bama, the 4 and 5 star recruits will come to Bama just because of the name and tradition. Same with other top tier schools

      • Todd

        Seriously, if Saban goes to Texas, he will take every recruit that he has now, PLUS, every recruit that Texas has now will be definititely coming come they know the program is going to be way better! And the truth is, Texas has high standards, that’s the only reason you hear the talk about Texas being “down”…..How many programs in the country are being considered “struggling” right now that are playing for Conference title and possibly a BCS berth???? Yeah….that’s what I thought… Sure, some are going to come back with negative comments about this, but it’s just rue! Only the Bama fans are really thinking (hoping) Saban isn’t gone, the rest aren’t blinded by “hope”……read the talk, it’s very one sided…… HOOK’EM!

        • Jimmy

          Texas is struggling bad one point victory over Iowa State in a game the refs blew a call that lost the game for ISU (ISU is 3-9)… OT vs terrible West Va. team…the win against OU was a good win but OU is not the OU of years past…Crushed by OSU, BYU, and a terrible Ole Miss team that Bama shut out…The only way UT wins Big 12 is win and hope OSU loses, both of which are unlikely. Then hopefully when UT plays LSU and gets murdered in the Cotton Bowl, you will see how bad they are really struggling. It is not because Texas has high standards they are considered struggling it is the fact they are 30-19 since the 2009 title game, will probably be 30-21 after their next two games…that is struggling to all programs not just UT…Saban will probably go to UT and that will be the only thing that could possibly turn it around…TX used to be powerhouses in recruiting but now they aren’t even second best in their own state…If Saban doesn’t go to UT it is years of mediocrity. Sorry

          • Todd

            Jimmy, you won’t get alot of argument out of me there. Your posting is overall accurate and I agree with the state of the Horns. I watch them very closely, all three major sports especially. All the comments on the games this season are true. It’s been a tough year. However, I think you are missing a big part of this scenario. Texas has been, by UT standards, horrible since the 09′ season, your are right. And recruiting is down, but I still maintain in relation only to UT standards. We still out recruit most programs, and we are doing badly. So, keep it on scale. And the fact that we have played poorly, recruiting worse all gives strength to the “Mack has to go” argument we are all having here at UT. That said, I will remind you that Texas Football has been great before, and it will be great again. Saban is not the only man capable of taking Texas to the top shelf again, so that insinuation I will disagree with on. Also, the imminent coaching change will improve both recruiting and stature. Lastly, The Longhorns (team of players) is a very, very talented group, more than most they play. We have more talent than BYU, Oklahoma State and Ol’ Miss, yet we lost to them. Played poorly against teams that we were so much more talented than too. It’s coaching. Just coaching. That is, despite their desire to ignore it, finally obvious to even the university. Dodds departure was the opening of the “change” door at UT. You will see Steve Patterson begin to take what Dodds has built (though mishandled of late) and take it back to the top. It’s really not that hard at UT with the resources, but “management” has allowed to large of a “comfort zone” at UT and it has trickled down to the players, in all 3 major sports. While I agree with what you say on what “HAS” happened, I don’t think you understand UT enough to make some of those “future” comments. But I do appreciate the well said, accurate post/reply to mine. HOOK’EM!

        • guest

          do we still need to read the talk?? lol

          • Todd

            As it looks…..maybe it’s not so bad?? I mean, lost two in a row now, and beaten by a BIG 12 school????? I mean, the S.E.C. is so powerful and all, and Lord knows Alabama is the greatest program “ever”??? OU must have cheated??? I mean, there is NO WAY a Saban Bama team gets beat by a lowly sub-conference like the BIG 12..right???

          • guest

            ya losing 4 games in 3 years and having back to back championships is sooooo horrible…

          • Todd

            Heh, heh, heh…keeping telling yourself that…..that’s what we did at Texas… great! HOOK’EM!

            BTW….your rooting for War Eagle in the NC right??? Supporting your conference, right??? Heh, heh, heh….

          • guest

            Your response doesnt make any sense..what did yall do at texas? Im damn proud of my team and nothing a texas fan says can make me feel otherwise…my players have busted their butts and given me 6 consecutive seasons with 10+ wins and 3 ncs in 4 yrs..we have the top recruiting class and the best coaches in the yes, ill keep being proud and yelling roll tide!! Good luck with ur coaching search!! :)

          • Todd

            Doesn’t make sense huh….well, you need to be capable of independent thought I guess to understand it. You are so “rolled” in the tide maybe it’s hard to see the outside world. Can’t use crayons…..but, I’ll simplify for you…..
            Mack came to town in the late 90′s, built a great program, 9 “10 win seasons in a row, 1 NC, 2 trips to NC, and the Big 12 tie breaker (unique in Div.I Football) kept us out of a third attempt. Ten, not six “guest”. We became “entitled” as a whole, and it slipped down into the locker room, that’s where it made the dent. I caution YOU my friend, that soon you will see the very same thing. Alabama sucked for so long, that fans like you are “drunk” on success, and will be humbled. I know, I know, you think I’m just a Texas Fan poking at you, and probably arrogant enough to think I’m jealous or just a jerk idiot. I really don’t care what you think, but if you can get out of that “rolling tide” for a minute and look around at reality, you will see the danger zone approaching fast, call it a “Sea Wall”. Bama just lost a Conference Championship, then went to the Sugar Bowl and got whipped like a school boy by Bob Stoops and Oklahoma (a feat Texas handled with less talent than Bama) to end your season. Now, pay attention while I make this last point. The end of your 2013/14 season…….that’s bad. That’s not the Bama you are flag waving about. In fact, you’ll need to go back a whole season now to beat your chest. I say….If you are not careful, you may need to watch video highlights for a while to get your “Roll Tide” kicks. Stay humble, it will hurt less when you find out I’m right. HOOK’EM!

    • Imma Kakkarot

      I agree. SI release a report yesterday about Gus Malzahn possibly going to Texas.. They really need to get a handle on their “fact checking” before they issue reports like this.

  • Steve Jones

    ” there could be no better time for Saban to jump ship and build a help restore the Texas Longhorns to glory.”

    Does anyone proof-read anything anymore?

    • Brian Kenealy

      No time to proof read when you need to release these “grain of salt” rumors that “might not come to fruition”.

  • Dan

    This is probably being circulated by the fans of rival SEC schools who wish he WOULD go to Texas.

    • Dave

      I tell you who is a STRONG possibility for Texas… Irving, Texas native.

      • Tammy LaGrone Davis

        I’m wondering if Arkansas will try to get Malzahn. He left Auburn to go to Arkansas State. Hmmmm the next few months will be interesting.

      • Twisted Muser

        What you don’t think the Gus bus is committed to Auburn??? :) ROLL TIDE!

        • chris perkins

          Oh, My GOD!!!!! He’s going to run the kick back!!!! OH, MY GOD!!!!!! 109 yards!!!!! Auburn’s gonna win the game!!!! Auburn’s gonna win the Iron Bowl!!!!!

          Bahahahahahahahahahaha Suck it, Tide.

          • Twisted Muser

            I have congratulated a number of Auburn fans. I think I will leave an ahole like you off the list though. I will copy this though to show any Aubarn fan that wants to talk about us being obnoxious.

          • DJ Riddle

            Chris – If you understood how painful that play was for a Bama fan, then you would also be able to understand what it’s like to have your team win three National Titles in four years. I don’t think you understand…

    • R Richardson

      I get to work with a ton of Auburn fans since I’m only 35 miles away from there and that is all they have talked about for 2 days. They were practically skipping through the office this morning. They are more worried about what Saban is doing than whether their team is going to win this Saturday. LOL

    • deborah jean

      After that Auburn game, no one is really thinking that right NOW in the SEC

  • Shannon Fain

    Look, as a Tennessee fan I hate Bama with a passion, but:

    “The Crimson Tide had a chance at a real dynasty if they were able to win a third straight national championship, but those hopes came crashing down after a last second loss.”

    Um, I think they already have a dynasty… especially in the fast changing world of college football today what they have already done is about as “dynasty” as you are going to get.

    • Michele Lynn ツ

      Thank you Shannon!

    • TheRealNoel2

      To go on that same notion of “real dynasty”, Alabama is far from eliminated from National Title contention. #1 & #2 teams are only .500 over the last 5 seasons in Championship Weekend, so if FSU and OSU slips up, Bama could still play for it. You really should wait until they are fully out before saying that the dynasty is over. If you need any more proof that it can happen, go back just 2 seasons!

    • Joe Burgett

      I agree Shannon. Think about it. They won two in a row, and a year before that, they had another. Yes, they would have made history with a third. One time Saban looked human and Bama lost. But tell me, how many legendary coaches were flawless? Weirder things have happened, so we can’t say they are totally out yet. But probably so.

      They are a dynasty. When you win a lot each season and continue to be the talk of college football even when losing stars to the NFL each season, you have made it a dynasty.

  • Michele Lynn ツ

    THIS IS SO FAR FROM TRUE! STOP SPREADING RUMORS AND LIES. HE IS NOT LEAVING!!!! He has a grandbaby there….no way is he leaving

    • Scott P Bienvenu

      Then of all places in the Country, why would Terry Saban be hunting for a “Vacation Home” in of all Places “Austin”. Florida has beaches, fishing, beautiful weather, etc. Austin??? Would be nothing for the grandbaby and parents to up and move to Austin. After all, No state tax in Texas.

      • Tray Pruet

        Not happening, sip.

    • rp

      Yeah…..he’ll turn down $100mil to stay near his grandbaby.

    • Todd

      Babies???? You think “Babies” are a reason for where a guy would coach??? Unreal. I love the ladies…but oh my goodness……

  • Jackie Chiles

    Sounds made up.

  • Gordon Freeman

    Well, first there were vague rumors, now there’s less vague and more alarming (if you’re a ‘Bama fan, which I am) rumors, now all we need for the trifecta is for Saban to make a statement that he’s not going anywhere and then it’s a done deal. :( Hurts worse than the Auburn loss, really. Oh well, we had a good run for a few years. See y’all in 2018 or 2020, whenever they get rebuilt.

    • guest

      jesus man, go be a fan of another team…even IF saban left us to say see ya in 2018 makes u sound more fairweather than most…when saban retires we will have a great coaching staff and cabinet full of top recruits for the next guy to coach and i expect nothing less than the best…bama learned their lesson when bear passed about picking the wrong guy to come in, i dont see it happening again…

  • Joseph Walsh

    With plenty of key players likely leaving Alabama for the 2014 NFL
    Draft, including star quarterback A.J. McCarron, there could be no
    better time for Saban to jump ship and build a help restore the Texas
    Longhorns to glory.

    Who is the editor for this website, an Auburn fan? Saban going to “build a help”. Doesn’t say much for your legitimacy when things like that make the final cut.

    • njoyce23

      The editor is a graduate of setan hall

      • whodeymags

        Is that like Seton Hall?

    • Joe Burgett

      Alabama is returning a lot of people from this very roster, many will be sophomores that were amazing recruits. Remember seeing Vinnie Sunseri go down and Landon Collins just jumped in and took his spot? Vinnie isn’t even going anywhere and will be back next year, and Collins is coming back too as he’s a true sophomore. Alabama has recruited several good backs, lineman, and QBs. Not to mention, guys like Cooper will be back among other weapons for any new QB.

      And on D, the same story. So it’s not as if AL will be full is scrubs next year.

  • Todd

    Hey folks, how many times does Nick and Terry have to deny what is happening before they do what they say they are not going to do? Look at the history here….everytime they do this. They are the King and Queen or say one thing and do the other. It is how it HAS to be, because they can’t go around telling everyone what they are doing, they just can’t. These rumors are not “invented”, they have a basis. And besides, all of this doesn’t matter till it happens anyway, so worry about something else till it happens….and it’s going to happen alright. I know Bama fans don’t want to accept it, but Texas is the best coaching job in the country. It makes more money than any other program in the NCAA, fact. Coaches don’t think like fans, they are not loyal, despite what you feel emotionally. It’s their job, how they make a living and the goal is to make as much money as you can, just like everyone else out there working for a living.

    And no, Mack hasn’t…and won’t be…fired. Texas is a classy program, and Mack has earned the right to be allowed to step out on his own terms, not fired like he did a bad job for A&M, or a good job for the Dallas Cowboys. He has been told that it’s time, and he needs to step down, so he will, only they will allow it to look like it’s his decision, and he will be rewarded for playing ball. With Darrell Royal passing, Mack becomes the new living Texas coaching icon, and will live a retirement few ever have a chance to experience. Texas wants to return to the top, and Saban is the best way they feel to make that happen. Saban gets money, more fame and the opportunity to be a three program national champion coach! No one may ever reach that bar again, making him the greatest college football coach ever! A place ANY of these others would cherish, and he can achieve that at Texas practically guaranteed. So, yeah, he is going to Texas and it will be announced after the bowl games. Sorry Bama fans, but it’s the reality. I’ll admit…I could be wrong….but of course, I’m not! HOOK’EM!

    • DJ Riddle

      If Mack Brown steps down after all the wonderful support he’s received from the Texas fan base as of late, I’m sure everyone will say “it looks like it’s his decision.”

      By classy program…are you using FSU’s handling of Bobby Bowden as the yardstick?

      • Todd

        The wonderful support you refer to is “very frustrated fans” that he has repeatedly told he was going to fix it, and has not. I’m sorry,I admire Mack Brown and all he has done, and I find it very difficult to get any other opinion…about Mack, the person. But Mack the coach has been promising UT fans for three years he was fixing the problem, it’s not fixed! My wife and I just sat in 25 degree weather and watched all the ducks line up for us, and then watched Baylor out coach us after halftime…..AGAIN! I get from your reply some sarcasm, “… after all the wonderful support he’s received from the Texas fan base as of late”, but he has brought all that on himself. He shouldn’t tell the fans he is going to do something repeatedly and not get it done. But, like I said, UT is a classy program and will let Brown know he needs to go, so retire, and he will. He’d be an idiot not to. I only refer to the Bowden ordeal because Mack doesn’t want to be a Bowden, refusing to leave, thinking it is “his” program…it’s not, it wasn’t and it never was, just like Texas doesn’t “belong” to Mack Brown. These egos can get really big, and they can get to the point that it’s all about them. If you had a company, the C.E.O. made your company big and wealthy, how long does he get to tank it and keep promising he will fix it before you let him go??? Three years???? No, he gets “A” chance, and he’s gone…..this is no different. I want UT football back, it’s not going anywhere fast. Has nothing to do with Mack Brown, the man, it’s about UT football. It’s not fair to ask the fans to put up with this……don’t know about you, but I invest thousands of dollars into UT football every year, and it is getting old feeling like this is what i get for the money I spend. No, I don’t own UT, but I pay hard earned dollars to watch it, and would appreciate the consideration that SHOULD go along with that. I appreciate your reply….. HOOK’EM!

        • DJ Riddle

          It was definitely sarcasm…but I give you credit for one of the most honest comments I’ve seen on these message boards in some time.

          I completely understand where you’re coming from as a frustrated UT fan. One thing I don’t get is the “handle Mack’s exit with class” BS. He’s said 15 times (by his own count) that he wants to stay, so if that doesn’t happen it’s because…he was FIRED. The only other alternative is to recognize he brought a National Title and much more so he’s earned the right to stay as long as he wants. Take your pick…but can’t have it both ways.

          More embarrassing are those Texas fans who can’t spell the name of the coach they want to hire, have no idea he is the same age as Mack Brown, believe that only Texas has the money to pay a coach $10M a year, and think UT is a trade up from every other great college football program in the country. That doesn’t represent the fan base very well. To make things worse…if UT does land The Coach, it will only convince these same fans that their delusional beliefs are true.

          • Todd

            Ok, I can agree here, but remember, Mack has said “both” things as I could go back and show you where he said he “hasn’t decided”, or, ” that’s something we will look at at the end of the season”….and other inference to “maybe I go, maybe I don’t.” BMD’s dial up support, yet even THEY are saying,”Whatever Mack wants to do…”. Look, the main thing is that there is just no way Saban, or Mack, or UT or Alabama can truly spout off about what is going to happen, nor can a coach being possibly considered for any other HC job in the country. It is just not going to happen and we will not know the truth until AFTER the season and Bowl games are done. We can speculate and discuss all we want, and the rumors will fly, but the truth is, no one is going to say anything of substance till this is all done. And for the record….I’m not a Saban guy anyway. I mean, yeah, he is probably the best coach in the country right now, and he would be a good pick up anywhere, but to me, he just isn’t “Texas”. I hope that makes sense, does to me. But if he comes here, great, it will be a better X’s and O’s than we have had in while. Mack has done an excellent job..till 2010 and it’s gone south. He deserves what he will get, and that is the opportunity to step down, on his own terms and should be allowed to do so. However, to say he can stay as long as he wants…I don’t agree. Sorry, I just don’t. Like I said, this is not HIS program, it belongs to all of us that support it. The majority of people want a new coach and staff. I believe we will see one soon. But hey, I went to Waco and said we would win that one too…so what do I know?? HOOK’EM!

  • njoyce23

    The saban to texas speculation has been going on all year..he has been repeatedly asked if he was leaving.. he said hes too old and tired to leave alabama and start over. Hes a lying piece of shit…saban is all about money just like every other coach. If you guys think hes going to stay just because its Alabama youre crazy. Current rumored offer from Texas is 10 years 100 million. Oh and Texas has the best pipeline for high school athletes. Alabama fans are stupid rednecks.

    • Debra Howard Gilbert

      No we are not stupid rednecks not anymore than the big hair the fat men wearing boots and thinking they are the best Alabama is far better than Texas

      • Scot D. Baker

        Boot wearing, Oil barron, tycoon people? Yes you have us over a barrel ALA.

      • Todd

        So you don’t know the all time record…right? So you think almost getting beat with our “never played a down” back up QB (brought UT to within 3 late) in the Rose Bowl was a fluke? So, your such a fan, you can’t be realistic? Oh, ok….I got’cha ya, carry on…..

        • Thomas

          It really doesnt matter who your QB was in that game. Yall lost and your starter decided to keep his draft stock up rather than help his team to a championship, which didnt work out for him because he is terrible in the NFL, and this happened nearly 5 years ago so sthu

          • Todd

            Sorry bud… already proved to be ignorant and vile, not a real fan, so unfortunately……you and your opinions are not important. I’ll bet when you sit around with your ….”friends”, they roll their eyes behind your back when you speak football. You are the type that make these boards entertaining and laughable….please, by all means….keep speaking!! Give me more of your “insight”….PLEASE!

    • Joe Burgett

      If he was all about more money, he’d ask Alabama for it. They have more money than Texas right now. Why? They are in the SEC, which is the most profitable conference. They have won 3 of the last 4 National Titles, sent numerous people to the NFL, and made billions in the football program alone. That does not even include what the University has in other programs. So trust me, they could give him a blank check and no one would blink twice about it. Texas cannot outbid Alabama.

      As for recruits. You don’t have to be from Texas to recruit Texas athletes. Alabama has brought in people from all over the US. Mark Ingram was from Michigan

      • SaltLickFan

        Comparing Alabama’s cash vs. Texas’ is like comparing State of Alabama vs. State of Texas in economy.

        • Joe Burgett

          Not really fair to compare states, as there are more people in the state of Texas, therefore an economy can be higher. But the Universities have near the same acceptance rate, both have around the same number of students as well. Both have more than one sports program. But with Alabama competing in softball, baseball, and even gymnastics, the sports program for Bama is high. You throw in football, which brings in millions, and you have a major money making system.

          • SaltLickFan

            Joe, although Texas’ athletic program revenue is greater than Alabama’s by $26,385.500, their education system with endowments of $18.264 billion is no where in comparison with Alabama’s $984 million. University of Texas at Austin acceptance rates are 46.8%(mainly due to top 10% of state students getting in), and they have been trying to lower the enrollment(39,955), while Alabama’s acceptance rate is 53.1, as their enrollment(28,026) have increased. Texas is also a world renowned university with tremendous amount of wealth(endowments), and natural resources. And, with wealthy boosters who can dictate geography of college sports. With that, Texas can and will outbid anyone when they are targeting someone they want.

          • Joe Burgett

            Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying Texas is poor here. I know they have money to blow. But Alabama does as well. The state alone has a lot of major things American use such as steel plants, and car manufacturers. Numerous top tier doctors, SEC’s homebase, etc. So Alabama has plenty of money in the state to help Alabama’s schools. Properly using it, we don’t discuss.

            And I know the acceptance rates and figures you mentioned. I just said they were near the same. 53 and 47 are not too far apart my friend. Most major Universities that aren’t a Harvard type or private school have near 50%. Some slightly over, some slightly below.

            And the Alabama one increased mainly because the state told it to. There was a new model that the state was trying to do, when they gave it state funds. One plan was to be more open to acceptance rates. Transfer students are major here too. So we typically see a Transfer coming in, taking classes for less money at a Junior college. So acceptance is higher. They have also added on to the school and hired more teachers, so they can afford to expand.

            As far as sports go, they are very closely related. Football for Bame brings in hundreds of millions per year. We don’t have pro teams, so most feel this is all we have. So that’s why college sports are so big here, especially football. So Alabama and Auburn both have massive followings here. Both seeing a lot of money annually. Ticket prices just for football could equal a couple mill a game or more, because they are packed even for cupcake teams.

            And the stadium can seat a little over 100K. Math wise, you see the fun. Again, this is just tickets!!

            Bowl games, the NCAA and Bowlsers give money to the schools for. Bama has been in 3 title games the last 4 years, so they get extra money for that, plus the bowl, plus the SEC giving them money for when they win their conference title. So you’re seeing hundreds of millions on football alone.

            This does not include other college sports. So Bama has the money to pay anything Saban wants, there is no bidding war that would happen which Alabama would not match. And Texas will not go too high to get him, Alabama would to keep him.. Right now, he sits a bit over 5 million a year. If he wanted 20 million, they’d pay it. If he wanted 100 million, they’d go there if that’s what it took. They have the money and know they will make it back with him as coach. Plus more.

          • armon hammertime

            can you plase just stop. texas is a much better school than alabama, its much richer and its in a better state with classy fans. did you hear about texas fans killing people after a big loss EVER??? how bout death threats to the player??? what about a texas fan ruining sacred places to oklahoma?? NO never. why? because texas fans as a whole are people with lives. they dont care for texas football like their life depends on it. you cant even compare the 2 football cities. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in America for business and people. Tuscaloosa is a quiet college town and thats all it will ever be. They literaly have nothing there. Ausitn is well known across the nation for things other than the longhorns. if you where a rich person, where would you want to live? in a small college town or a buzzing metropolis where the people dont worship the ground you walk on. you cannot argue with the money either. Texas could offer him more than any other school could afford to. its a numbers thing. stop being in denial and go look at the numbers. its not even close. the biggest issue imo is the legacy issue. Bear Bryant will ALWAYS be #1 to bama fans. Saban could come here and win 3 titles and go down as the #1 guy.

          • DJ Riddle

            Not sure if a Texas fan ever ruined a sacred place to Oklahoma…but I do remember when an Oklahoma fan ruined a Texas fan’s sacred place:

            Texas Football Fan Nearly Castrated in Bar Fight in Oklahoma Bar


          • FootballFame

            Longhorn football isn’t considered relevant by the rest of the country — only in Texas. Alabama embarrassed Texas while winning one of our record setting National Championships — I forget which number. UT is a has been program — much like Notre Dame — who Bama also made its bitch. Until the Longhorns become at least the best team in Texas (see Texas A&M), please stop sounding like such a typical has been.
            Austin is a great town — they just wish they had a program like Alabama to match their greatness.
            University of Texas football … Never before have so many done so little with so much.

          • DJ Riddle

            Does that mean they didn’t want Nick Saban?

      • Sean Jonkman

        According to Forbes and Bloomberg as of middle of 2013 year they both said Texas is the highest on the list as wealthiest college with around 163 million a year profit.

        • Sean Jonkman
        • Joe Burgett

          Bit off, as they mainly remove sports when they talk of this. Texas for football would have raised 20-60 of that in football ticket sales alone. This not even including other sports they have done well with. Then you look at what the University brings in annually. I think they are just counting the University stuff. Otherwise that number would be much higher.

          • Sean Jonkman

            I think I read in the link above I posted that the athletic department alone brings in 163 million. So the whole university probably brings in 250 plus million a year. Smh what we can do with that much money a year lol

          • Joe Burgett

            I’d buy a house in 5 states with that. One will be in Hawaii. Oh the rumors I will start….lol

        • Todd

          Nice! Thank you for being educated Sean. Like Texas or not, it ain’t bragging if it’s fact! HOOK’EM!

      • jsimmy

        Bama is barely in the top 10 of most valuable programs while Texas, at almost double the value, is at number 1.

        The SEC is the 4th most valuable conference (right behind the ACC).

        Maybe you should get some actual facts together in your head before you simply start spouting what you think is true and acting like a typical Bamabillie.

      • Todd

        Heh, heh, he…..I love these uneducated dreamers that post on these boards… spout off things you obviously have no clue on. READ!!!!!!!!!! Texas is the richest University in the NCAA, AND the richest Athletic Program standing alone, by over 50 million! Not old news, it was just released. I’m not going to give you the website, cause you don’t read information, you make it up! HOOK’EM!

  • RnW063

    Wait just one second :-)…..People actually believe this? Saban would be a fool to leave Bama.

  • Scott P Bienvenu

    No state tax, college football’s wealthiest program, abundant talent, Longhorn network. Terry was looking at homes in austin this past year. As Saban even said, she wears the pants. She said she was searching for a vacation home. When Michigan St went to saban’s home, Terry wasnt there. Alum asked Saban where Terry was, she was in Baton Rouge finalizing the deal. Of all places in the country, Terry was looking at homes in Austin. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

  • kfletch87

    Whatever get’s us back in the championship game…

  • matt2021

    I was at the msu vs Alabama game a few weeks ago and sabans usual fiery sideline behavior was completely gone even though his team was playing flat. Usually he is screaming and stressing when they are up by 45 points let alone up by 3 against msu. There is something going on. I’m not sure if he is going to texas but he doesn’t seem like the same coach to me.

  • whodeymags

    Saban openly used the “discussion” at Texas earlier this year as leverage to secure unprecedented 15% increases for his staff. Texas may have the wealthiest program, but they also have the program that comes with the most committments- like the Longhorn network. I am not sure Saban is interested in complying with all of the shaking hands and kissing babies that the Texas job would entail. And Saban certainly hasn’t said anything quite like Malzahn (who called Texas his “dream job”)…Who knows?

  • noahwayne0

    I don’t believe this for one second – I’m a UT alum firstly, and while this would be great, its not happening – if FSU loses to Duke (there is a chance) and Ohio State loses to Michigan State (very good chance), then Alabama is back in the title game -Saban knows this, why risk making any deal now? Its not like Texas is going to move on that quickly anyway, they would wait it out.

  • Charles Anderson

    I’m an Arkansas fan and I can’t imagine any coach voluntarily leaving the SEC for any other conference, especially the “Little” 12! Lol!

    • Bevo Austin

      Says an Arkansas fan who got their ass beat by the teams that make up the BIG XII year after year.

    • Scot D. Baker

      HAHAH dunce. We poach from you clowns all the time. He has the gold gets the coach.

      • Joe Burgett

        Alabama has the gold…so you were saying?

        • Scot D. Baker

          No. Literally Texas has gold. We can buy and sell ALA.

          • DJ Riddle

            Sorry…our coach isn’t for sale. You’ll take James Franklin and like it!

    • SaltLickFan

      I believe the word “Little” was meant for all those little cities in Arkansas.

    • armon hammertime

      ooo yea, the almighty SEC right???? how is missouri doing this year??? how bout a&m beating bama last season and setting offensive records, torching those big tough SEC defenses. what a joke. yall took in 2 average big 12 teams and the same rosters that competed in the big 12 are now getting double digit winning seasons and playing for the SEC title.

  • Twisted Muser

    “The Crimson Tide had a chance at a real dynasty if they were able to win a third straight national championship, but those hopes came crashing down after a last second loss.”
    Yes because this has completely and totally ruined Alabama’s hopes for the future. Please read the preceding with the heavy sarcasm I intended.

  • bob turner

    College football coaches have no integrity when discussing a possible change of jobs
    Sabin in particular is a known liar . He lied to LSU ,Michigan, and Miami He will have no qualms
    lying to Alabama. Richard Condon reported today Sabin to Texas to be announced after
    SEC championship game

    • armon hammertime

      couldnt agree more. the day he lied as the Miami coach and went to Bama astounded me. he like pounded it home that he was not leaving and got mad at reporters for asking, the LOL he leaves !!! they dont give a rats ass. Sark just did the same thing right before he leaves for USC

  • Dutch

    FYI– INCLUDING juniors leaving early… Bama will return about 7-8 starters on EACH side of the ball. Take a look at that roster.
    And, this story is beyond stupid. I understand no one has ever heard of your website but, aren’t there better ways to get noticed?

    • Bevo Austin

      Terry Sabin HATES the Bama fan base……. She stated “They (Nick and Terry) weren’t appreciated the way they should be by Alabama fans and the Crimson Tide community”.
      Don’t you see the writing on the wall. Who buys a “VACATION HOME” in Austin Texas……
      The deal is being reported at $100 Million over 10 years for Nick Saban.

    • Jason cammon

      Remember when Saban came to BAMA? Didn’t he become the highest paid coach in the history of college football? Wow u are very desperate Texas to constantly wish Saban in as your new football coach!!! What a powerhouse conference y’all have!!! Do y’all even play a championship game anymore? Thats a rhetorical question btw… anyone that follows football knows the Big 12 is no more than a few teams competing!! Just as the old southwestern conference fell apart, so did y’all! RMFT!!!

  • Ash1829

    If that is true than he didn’t care whether he won the game against Auburn or not. That’s why he blamed the loss on his players instead of his poor play calling.

  • Bobby Birchfield

    I belie
    ve he is going to Texas, due to the way he coached the Auburn game. He did not seem like the same coach I have watched on the sideline for years. It almost seemed like he didn’t care if they won or not.

    • Todd

      I knew there were Bama fans that are realistic. I sat with some very impressive Bama fans at the 09′ Rose Bowl. Started out kind rough after Colt got hurt, they were happy to see the Tide Rolling, but got quiet after Garrett Gilbert got his legs under him and brought Texas back. They were impressed, and said so. Said Texas has to be a good program to have something like what happened to the starting QB and come back the way they did. Bama has great fans, most I believe knowledgable and classy. And boy, when they have a bad one…..whoa! Makes the whole lot look terrible! Glad to see this post…restores my faith, not because I agree, but it just makes “sense”! Great fans know their coaches and programs and can see this type of thing. I’d like to think I see UT the same way, and I see MAck working on his exit. You will see NO ANNOUNCEMENT untill AFTER the games are done. Please folks, quit acting like they would announce a coach retiring during the season. Too much riding on these last games. HOOK’EM!

  • Parome McGill

    this is complete bullshit and so are your sources!

    • Bevo Austin

      Says the BUTT HURT BAMA FAN………… LMAO

      • SECFAN1st.

        I agree complete Texas Bevo Bull Shit!!!……..LMAO

        • Bevo Austin

          Keep living in denial. :-)

          • Tray Pruet

            Denial is believing tu is relevant. Mack needs to go, no doubt. But Saban is not coming to Austin.

          • Bevo Austin


          • armon hammertime

            i love it when people call Texas irrelevant while talking about Texas LOL. Texas is relevant enough to still have the highest revenue in the nation years after the winning stopped.

          • Tray Pruet

            I love it when people believe and gauge relevance on how much revenue they have versus rings. Good luck in continued mediocrity.


    Who are your trusted sources, Jimmy Sexton & Jimmy Sexton’s secretary!! Really? That’s all you got? #Hack

    • Bevo Austin

      What about the fact that Terry Sabin HATES the Bama fan base……. She stated “They (Nick and Terry) weren’t appreciated the way they should be by Alabama fans and the Crimson Tide community”.

      Who buys a “VACATION HOME” in Austin Texas……

      • AUB_CPA

        @bevoaustin:disqus Have you seen the house? Don’t believe everything your hear! #JustSayin

        • Bevo Austin

          Why was she in Austin looking at houses……. MANY different sources verified these allegations. When asked about moving to Austin, Terry stated they were looking for a “Vacation Home” to keep the rumor mill at bay…….. Why would she criticize the Bama fan base……….. Anybody in their “right” mind (Terry and Nick) would deny these rumors till the very end. If they were to tell people they are going to Austin some crazed fan might roll by and shoot up the house or kill them too. We already know that a Bama fan WILL die if they aren’t “upset enough” about losing a game. The deal is reported to be $100 Million for 10 years.

          BTW, I wouldn’t mind stealing GUS from Auburn if the Nick Saban deal turns out to be false. Gus is a native from Irving Texas so…. :-)

          • AUB_CPA

            Texas president on Nick Saban rumors: “I’ve never met Nick Saban. I’ve never talked to Nick Saban. We have not hired Nick Saban.”

          • Bevo Austin

            Texas President doesn’t make that decision. He will sign off on the AD’s decision. Regents will approach a candidate (which has already happened) and feel out the situation first. I’m sure they haven’t “hired him” yet, but that doesn’t mean a deal hasn’t been agreed upon. :-)

          • DJ Riddle

            I repeat…you’ll take James Franklin. And like it.

          • guest

            i know at this point the discussion is moot (since saban ISNT leaving) but i noticed there were responses to my comment so i was looking at theirs and saw this comment from you…maybe next time you want to come at people like we’re idiots for not agreeing with you, you should fact check yourself…mrs terri NEVER stated they were getting a vaca home in austin, she stated that the rumors were false and baseless and that she was in florida at a funeral when she was supposedly “in austin”….also, the 10 yr 100mill deal was the one offered in 2011 and saban has mentioned it many times that they considered the job then and that was when they decided that they would stay in tuscaloosa until he was done coaching and reitre to the lake…continue to keep “quoting” people adn citing MULTIPLE sources and you’re going to continue to look like a fool…good luck in your coaching search and in the future of the longhorn program, im sure yall will have a lot to be excited about after its all said and done…

  • Joe Burgett

    Interesting. So he’s leaving for money? Yeah, doubt it. Saban has helped the Tide make billions, yeah, billions since his arrival years ago. That’s just the football program. And you’re telling me they can’t afford to keep him? I highly doubt this. While I trust you Josh, as a hard-working journalist just bringing a story out. The “sources” for the bogus football brainiacs who have been wrong multiple times, doesn’t fly for me.

    • Bevo Austin

      What if Saban doesn’t want to be there anymore………. Have you ever thought about that?

      This is the best article I’ve found on the latest rumors and it covers a lot of different aspects about the situation.

      • Joe Burgett

        He very well could not want to be at Alabama anymore. Despite the fact he is beloved there and has a statue right outside the stadium. But it’s nothing to do with money IMO. If he left Alabama, yes, he want good money. But he’d have the same expectations at Texas as Alabama. They’d want to win day one. And it won’t happen right away. It took him a few years to make Alabama a power. By then, he’d only get them one NC and that’s if nothing bad happens. There is no reason for him to leave Alabama to go to another place and try to bring it back up. Despite that, Mack Brown is not doing a bad job at all right now. He’s in the conference title game and could very well win it, then go to a good bowl game. He could not be fired. Retire maybe, but IDK if he’d want to then

        • Bevo Austin

          MANY Horn fans (Alum etc) are fed up with Mack Brown. We have NOT had ONE 10 win season in FOUR years straight. We have had top 10 recruiting classes year after year and can’t even make a BCS bowl game either. It wouldn’t take as much time to turn Texas around as it did Saban at Bama. He would have pick of the litter (Texas Recruits) at his disposal, let alone the recruits (Bama 2014 class) that would follow him from Bama THIS year. Texas would probably make a BCS bowl game next year and play for a Natty in 2015. At that point in time, Saban would be the ONLY coach in History that would have won NCs at three different Universities during his career. The ONLY goal he had left at Bama was to win 3 NCs in a row and that won’t happen now. He could win three at Texas though after reaching the other goal I mentioned. :-)

          • Joe Burgett

            Or he could stay at Alabama and beat Bear Bryant’s record at his own school. This would cement him as the best college football coach of all time.

            I think Horn fans have disliked Brown because he hasn’t won a NC. The last appearance was against Saban’s Tide…and lost.

            And IDK. Alabama had good players when Saban got there originally. But it took a few years to make them a major power. If you have a good Junior QB, you won’t throw in a Freshman. So, he wouldn’t start freshys over seniors with more experience and better play for example. And it’s doubtful an entire Bama recruit system would leave for Texas if he left. Very. Some, yes. But not all. Why? Because that never happens.

            Look at history when coaches leave. Players fall in love with a University and coach, so many do not go. So I doubt that class would go. But of course he’d have a following year’s class. And keep in mind, this does not guarantee anything. Alabama was thought to at least get to the National Title game this year. Yet won’t…unless a huge shake up happens.

            So we cannot just hand over a title to Texas just because Saban is there. This is why I would not see him going. What’s the point really? Only guarantee is money, which Alabama has more than enough of. He could retire any time, and do so from Alabama. He could be beloved as a coach at Alabama and not a guy who may never win the big one at Texas

          • Bevo Austin

            You have brought up some very good points and I understand. However these FACTS won’t disappear.

            1. Terry Sabin HATES the Bama fan base…. She stated “They (Nick and Terry) weren’t appreciated the way they should be by Alabama fans and the Crimson Tide Community.

            2. Terry Sabin is looking at “vacation” homes in Austin. Who wants a vacation home in AUSTIN TEXAS…….

            3. Nick Saban’s agent stated to a Texas Regent (Email that has been validated) that the ONLY job Saban would leave Bama for is Texas. Also, the pressure at Bama has become overwhelming.

            Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

          • Joe Burgett

            But the pressure for Texas is less? I don’t think so.

            And if Terry is thinking that, she is outside her mind. I have met her daughter, she attended a high school football game I was at with her then BF. Everyone was nice to her then, and didn’t even know who she was. Alabama is known for wonderful people with southern kindness. And Saban is a winner, so why would they be mad at the family of his? So that wouldn’t make sense to me.

            And vacation spots mean nothing. They were also looking for some in Florida and Georgia. I guess FSU and Georgia is on notice too?

            And Saban’s agent is actually quite a retard. I am from the state of Alabama, and the stories of this guy are quite comical. Plus, he said this about Saban to get him more money from Alabama. When you start crap like this, it generally makes the current school talk money. He’s already the highest paid coach in CFB. So IDK why he’d need more. But again, they’d offer him a blank check.

          • Bevo Austin

            I’ve been to Mobile and Montgomery Alabama and they have VERY hospitable people. No question about it. Terry isn’t just thinking that, she said it too. Several articles have pointed out that she is a major player in Sabin’s decision process. She is CCd on many emails that are addressed to him as well.

            Isn’t Sabin from Georgia…….. If so, having a home there makes sense. Searching for a vacation home in Florida makes a WHOLE lot of sense. But, searching for a vacation home in AUSTIN TEXAS………… REALLY?!?!?!

          • Joe Burgett

            Nah, he’s from West Virginia. Obviously Florida is a legit place to buy land or a home in. But I believe what was said was that the Saban’s had family there. IDK which side, but they mentioned they wanted to find something near them. So that would explain it. Besides, why would they look for a vacation home and not an actual permanent place if they were set to go there for the Texas job?

            Terry is a major part of the decision process. Like all women are for their husband. She was the one who wanted to go to Alabama to begin with, as she didn’t like Miami either. The Dolphins wanted to keep him, but Saban had lost interest, he was losing, and Terry didn’t enjoy the area.

            Fast forward to Alabama, where the Saban family is praised because of Nick’s success, I don’t see them leaving. I’ve seen Terry’s stuff on this in the past and it makes me wonder who she’s talking to. Auburn fans can get as bad as Bama fans can here. So if they know she is his wife, some will be obnoxious and hateful. But most people here are very nice, even if they don’t mean it, lol. Manners are taught from the beginning and yes sir/yes ma’am is not encouraged but enforced. So politeness is a massive part of the people here, until it comes to sports.

            So if she refers to Tiger fans, I can totally get it. I’m sure ole’ Gus’ wife has had some issues too.

            One thing to note however is that the University of Texas President came out today and said that they are not pursuing Saban. It’s one thing for an AD to say this, but for the Pres to say it is another. So I don’t see it happening still.

          • Bevo Austin

            “why would they look for a vacation home and not an actual permanent place if they were set to go there for the Texas job?”

            They would try to misdirect the Media about their intentions till the very end. That is common sense to me. Otherwise, can you imagine the fallout that would occur as a result.

            Read what Powers said exactly. Proof is in the pudding so to speak. He states “He” has never talked to Saban personally etc….

            Texas President doesn’t make that decision. He will sign off on the AD’s decision. Regents will approach a candidate (which has already happened) and feel out the situation first. I’m sure they haven’t “hired him” yet, but that doesn’t mean a deal hasn’t been agreed upon. Can’t officially hire him until Mack Brown is “persuaded” to retire and enjoy his 1 Million a year until he is deceased. :-)
            We’ll see. I really think Saban is coming to Texas.

          • DJ Riddle

            1. Do you think Sally Brown feels appreciated by the Texas fan base?

            2. Why Lake Burton? (…and why does Terry spell her last name differently than her husband?)
            3. Other lines you would fall for: “You’re the only one I’d ever leave my wife for…”

          • Bevo Austin

            Of course Sally Brown doesn’t feel appreciated by the Texas fan base. Her husband has had horrible seasons for the past FOUR years in a row. Not the same with Terry Saban, right…… You KNOW I am too. :-)

  • Tray Pruet

    Hey Dirty John Sanchez, when this comes unravelled for you, you need to step down and change professions. Promise us that. You aren’t a journalist, you are a fabricator

    • Bevo Austin

      How is JOSH (Not John) a fabricator of the truth. He is just sharing information on what another website reported…. Some people baffle me.

    • Joe Burgett

      A man who shares information is not always the man who first had it. Josh is just reporting like a journalist does. Never once did he say that he believed Saban would go, or that he had sources for this report.

    • Chad

      I guess you missed the word rumor in the head line and the “this is strictly a rumor” line? Reading is hard.

    • armon hammertime

      “I love it when people believe and gauge relevance on how much revenue they have versus rings. Good luck in continued mediocrity”

      LOL. thats seriously the dimwit response from a bama fan that i expected. do you even know what relevance means? when talking about a teams popularity (you know, when people like/ pay attention to), it means do people still care about it. If your program is making more money than every other school in the nation (ticket sales,merchandise etc), that means that more people give a shit AKA RELEVANCE. Even when Bama is winning national titles, they still make 30 million LESS. Texas is mediocre because of a bad coach. the second he is replaced they will rise to the top again. kind of, wait actually EXACTLY what bama did when they hired Nick Saban. Bama was horrible before he got there. Screw all that, lets just look at Texas vs Bama all time. Texas is 7-1.

  • Guest

    Saban won’t leave bama, he has a dynasty and everyone knows it. Besides, he sucks against the spread (aTm Aub), he literally craps his pants every time . Big 12 (10?) is nothing but spread offense. SEC is best conference anyway.

    • Bevo Austin


    • armon hammertime

      are you slow? the SEC is full of the spread now. Ole Miss, Tenn, Missouri, A&M. All offenses run the spread. its just either used a little or alot.

      • Guest

        Ok..teams that use the spread “a lot” he sucks against. Big 12 uses spread offense “a lot”

  • Ryan

    An Austin PD officer said that Saban has a relator in Austin. Might be something to this story.

  • Bobby Wesson

    I have lost all respect for this reporter and this site. You have traded accuracy for speed far too many times – in both content, grammar and even spelling. Good luck – I’m out.

    • Chad

      I guess you missed the word rumor in the head line and the “this is strictly a rumor” line?

  • Spartandawg20

    He did the same thing to us at Michigan State in 1999, and then left us an abomination of a coach in Bobby Williams. He then did it to LSU only to leave for the NFL….and then only to come back to a rival school. I can see it happening.

    • Bevo Austin

      Listen bro, you all need to lay down and take one for the conference (B1G) this weekend. OSU has a chance to return the B1G to glory……. Doubt it will happen, but it ensures that Bama will not make the NCG this year and solidifies Saban’s future in TEXAS.

      Don’t be SELFISH either. Do the right think, ok?!?!?!

  • David Russell

    Come on guys, Saban is a great coach, but so are many more in other conferences – not to mention the pros. Sometimes a school’s coaching problems begin with the Athletic Director. A new coach can do nothing unless the AD and school administration is on board.

  • Bevo Austin
  • Thomas

    I think this is funny because it was published in damn Auburn

  • armon hammertime

    Texas vs Bama all time record. 7-1. whaaaa???

  • Zimbawbwei

    Here’s what we know for certain.

    1. Texas is getting a new coach.
    2. He’s not going to be somebody else’s offensive coordinator.
    3. He’s not going to be somebody currently unemployed.

    That leaves big name, successful head coaches at other schools. Saban is obviously on Bevo’s short list. the only question is whether or not he would be interested, and the answer to that question is, who wouldn’t be interested? He’s accomplished all he’s going to accomplish at Bama, and he’s the kind of guy that likes new challenges. Bevo is a big challenge, but one with a big payoff and a strong likelihood of success. National Championships at LSU, Bama and Texas, three of the best programs in the land. Nobody else would ever be able to top that. Done deal, me thinks.