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Chuck Pagano says Colts need to be patient with Trent Richardson

The Indianapolis Colts demoted running back Trent Richardson in favor of Donald Brown this week. A shocking move after the Colts traded for Richardson earlier in the season. Wide receiver Reggie Wayne said that Richardson had privately told him he felt forced into the offense too soon and didn’t understand it.

“He came to me, he wasn’t pouting or anything,” Wayne told them, via  “This was the next day after he found out he was demoted and he said, ‘Now I can sit back and actually watch the way it’s supposed to be done.’  He kind of feels that he was maybe forced into it early without actually learning it.”

Richardson is getting a vote of confidence from the Colts coaching staff who say this is about the long-haul, not just the immediate future.

“It was always a long-term thing,” coach Chuck Pagano said, via the Indianapolis Star. “Seventy-two hours after he got traded he was playing in a game for us. But it was never just about today.”

The coaches have reaffirmed this face to face with Ricardson.

“When I talked to all the coaches around here,” Richardson said this week, “they’ve told me, ‘We’re in it for the long haul. You don’t have to worry about going nowhere. Go ahead and buy your house.’ ”

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