Dec 7, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Missouri Tigers running back Henry Josey (20) carries the ball past Auburn Tigers linebacker Jake Holland (5) and Carl Lawson (55) in the first quarter during the 2013 SEC Championship game at Georgia Dome.. Mandatory

Henry Josey gets cheapshot from Auburn's Ryan White (GIF)

Late in the third quarter of the SEC Championship Game between the Missouri Tigers and Auburn Tigers, Missouri running back Henry Josey was scampering down the sidelines for a big gain. Unfortunately, at the end of the play, Auburn’s Ryan White delivered a huge cheap shot out of bounds as he slid into the cart.

Josey went flying into the cart that was sitting on the side of the field as he made a heavy collision with the cart. Josey was slow to get up and everyone feared the worse.

Luckily, Josey was able to walk off of the field under his own power, but he did need medical attention on the sidelines. It appeared that the medical staff was taping Josey’s lower back for what could have been a cut from the violent collision.

We are just happy that Josey was okay. Hopefully he can return to the game.

As for White, that type of blatant cheap shot is something that players need to be ejected for. There is no need for the excessive play and it was clearly out of frustration after a missed facemask call. Missouri was awarded 15-yards for a personal foul after the play and they punched the ball in to the endzone on the following play.

Here is a GIF of the cheap shot:


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  • PennySlots

    This should be means for ejection and even reviewable. He not only was 2-3 yards out of bounds he had time to look up and then push. This is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than a hit to he head.

  • Dondae Tybg Settles

    this is dumb he was going full speed it hard an if it was planned im sure he would of tried to make him hit his dead not just slide


      Full speed yes , but with one last shove 5 yards out of bounds ….. Cheapshot


        He wasn’t even 5 yards he was like a yard in. Also the player fell onto the sign which slid him into the cart. The last push was unnecessary but if the sign wasn’t there the mizzou player would have just stayed where he fell. Plus the player has a pad going down his back to protect his back so i dont know why he is in so much pain the pad prtected him.

        • WantSomeWhine

          Oh okay, so it was the signs fault. Gotcha. Also, do your eyes work? He shoves the guy a good 3-4 yards in. Watch again. Look out for the yellow dash line. That’s right where he shoves him. The shithead booger eater also had no regard for the cheerleaders on the sideline. The guy is a POS and should have been ejected. And please STFU about the padding. You don’t know anything.


            Do you have eyes? You can obliviously see the push on the white margin of the side line. This happens all the time in college football the only difference was he happened to hit the sign and slide into the cart. Lets say there was no cart and he gave an unnecessary push and the fell would you still think he should get ejected or a unsportsmanlike conduct flag. WHICH HE DID…


    The giddiness and biased commenting for Auburn , by Danielson & lundquist makes me sick , they want the Cinderella story by Auburn to continue so they can have good story lines.

    • Ken Bigbee

      You obviously have not watched many Auburn games on CBS this year. Danielson has been biased alright. Against Auburn.

    • David Johnson

      Chief, have you actually watched any of Auburn’s games televised on CBS this year? Easy on that peace pipe, Chief.

  • sebastian

    So ya, I don’t see a shove. I see two players trying to regain footing on a slippery sideline, and as White tries to instinctively get a hold of himself by seeing if Josey could support him. It’s not cheap, it’s a spur of the moment accident. And everyone crying about Auburn’s “cinderella season” and how it’s all luck, wins translate to wins. That’s that. They murked Missouri, out coached Bama, and are in the Championship. So is crying about it an complaining really going to change anything? And I am an LSU fan and student. I can just see what’s clearly in front of me.

  • Ken Bigbee

    Love the way all you Auburn hating media writers try to twist everything. Cheap shot. It was unfortunate for Josey to hit the cart the way he did. You present the story as if the Auburn defender saw the cart and took the opportunity then to push the runner into it. Hogwash just like your ability to report the game. You should apply for Obama’s Press Secretary.

    • WantSomeWhine

      Oh please. This just shows how unfortunately simple minded Auburn fans are. No one is saying he intentionally shoved him into the cart. We’re saying he intentionally shoved him well after they were out of bounds.

      • Ken Bigbee

        When you say “we” then I assume you are one of the haters. I said “you” referring to the author of the article idiot. You say ” we’re saying.” How many people wrote the article? As an Auburn grad, we try to state things as “simple” as possible so illiterates like yourself can understand. Do you fit the mold Whine?


      Thank you.

  • David Johnson

    Clearly, White should not have pushed Posey that last time. He was obviously upset about Posey having his hand all up in his facemask. It was a dumb move by White and his team was penalized appropriately. It was unfortunate Posey hit the camera stand, but clearly White could not have intended those consequences. Move on.