Dec 8, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) waits for the ball to be snapped against the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter at Candlestick Park. The 49ers defeated the Seahawks 19-17. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks’ CB Sherman: ‘We expected to blow them out’

Ever-outspoken Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman was at it again postgame.  After the ‘Hawks 19-17 defeat at the hands of division rival San Francisco, the former Stanford player — under 49ers’ coach Jim Harbaugh — said he expected a different outcome, according to Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area.

“We didn’t project it to be this way,” Sherman said. “We expected to blow them out, but they got the benefit of a few calls throughout the game and that helps you especially on third down. We will see them again, and it’ll be a different result.”

Well, the Seahawks did blow them out in their previous two meetings, both at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

San Francisco fell in a week two drubbing 29-3 after getting clobbered 42-13 last December in the second-to-last game of the regular season.

This time the game was at Candlestick Park, where the Seahawks haven’t won since 2008.  The 49ers snapped a two game losing streak to Seattle, with their last win coming at – you guessed it – Candlestick Park in October 2012.

Seattle fell to 11-2 with the loss but remain atop the NFC West and poised for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  San Francisco improved to 9-4, maintaining a 1 game lead over the Arizona Cardinals for the final playoff spot in the NFC.

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  • Miles Greb

    But…the calls favored them..they got away with alot. Their DB’s hold nearly every play, that is their actual game

    • skeletony

      False. Thanks for playing though.

  • XPO117

    No Personal foul on that dead play late hit from the Seattle WR on Whitner. THAT is egregious, because it’s not like a holding or illegal formation. Someone deliberately hit someone after the play was whistled dead who wasn’t even prepared for the hit. Seahawks SUUUUCK!!!

  • Robert Dwight

    Sherman is a loud mouth punk, holding receivers all day. It was Seattle that got calls their way.

  • dulcetpine

    I am a 49ers fan to the core but I really like Sherman, I’d let him play on our team any day. That being said I’ve never seen a collection of DB’s hold more than the Seahawks and get away with it. All of the ‘calls on 3rd down’ were appropriate flags and not phantom calls. Deal with it Sherm!

    • skeletony

      False all around. San Francisco held all game long. On the couple of plays where Seattle tried to get away with the same, thinking “Hell if the refs are not calling it…” they got flagged. Late hits, holding, ACTUAL illegal hands to the face etc.

      And we still almost beat you in your home. Seattle got hit for more phantom calls than they have since Super Bowl XL!

      • dulcetpine

        You’re not serious right? The Seahawks have a league wide reputation of holding and getting away with it, and sure you ‘almost’ beat us but almost only counts in horseshoes. Face it, without the farce that is your stadium you guys are probably a 12-4/11-5 team not the juggernaut all you Hawks fans think you. This time the refs didn’t let you get away with holding on pivotal downs. Hey, you got away with a pass interference against Crabtree just before halftime that would have put us in the red zone, it could have been a 24-17 win instead.

        You have a really good team, and Rusell Wilson is absolutely legit and IMO the best young QB in the league but with your stadium making it pretty much impossible for opposing teams to win there it allows for the cover-up of a few warts, be honest.

        • skeletony

          You ask if I am serious then you post a troll? Almost clever attempt…
          Anyway, I understand you are a Niners fan and so you will see things through a certain filter, but if you think Seattle is holding more than anyone else in the league then you are high. Sorry but what you are saying does not pass the bull$#!t test.
          Think about it, officiating has traditionally been so bad against Seattle in comparison to every other team that ESPN had a running joke after Super Bowl XL of throwing B.S. flags every time they mentioned Seattle. We had the officiating crew from that Super Bowl fly to Seattle to apologize for blowing the game and costing us a chance.

          And you think they suddenly decided to just get together an d agree to not call holding on them?! San Fran has a good team but it just seems like you guys are seeing the passing of the torch and are desperately trying to come up with B.S. conspiracy theories and such as excuses for why you can’t beat us the way we beat you.

          • dulcetpine

            I didn’t troll, I went out of my way to compliment certain aspects of your team which warrant praise. I saw the replay of the holding calls that were made and guess what? They held.

            My point was don’t read too much into how much of a home field advantage your team plays with.

          • skeletony

            Yes, you offered a sort of grudging approval of a few aspects of our team and followed that with a handful of absurdities such as:

            “The Seahawks have a league wide reputation of holding and getting away with it,” – dulcetpine

            Which is patently false. YOU guys were the first ones to make such assertions just now and those assertions it turns out were wrong. The guys calling the game itself noted the bad calls against the Hawks. They weren’t saying “Boy the Hawks are sure getting away with as lot of holds this year that no one else seems to have noticed …”. They did note a handful of phantom calls going against us.

            You see you don’t get to couple mild approval with a backhanded and groundless insult like that then say “Who me? I was just praising you guys! It can’t be me!”. That is like me saying “Frank Gore is doing better this year than any 30 year old RB should expect to. Shame he plays on a team full of cheaters and drug addicts.”. Do you see how that kind of “praise” can earn you no respect from Hawks fans? Every year we have to hear it from you guys and your rampant trolling and insults and general douchebaggery and the first year we decide to stick it back to you we then have to hear this absurd nonsense about how WE are the douchebags. I truly do not even think guys like you realize how bad your fellow fans are in this as you did not even realize you were tossing unwarranted insults at our team. You thought you were being respectful with your backhanded compliments.

            And just a heads up, within the first five yards of a WR’s release, the DBs are allowed to make contact. Our DBs do not need to hold. We have the #1, #3, and #5 Cbs in the NFL on our team (I am putting Aquib Talib @ #2 and Darrell Revis at #4 right now). We have the best safeties in the NFL. We have a top 5 D-line and pass rush. EVERY TEAM tries to get away with holding and San Francisco does it as much as anyone in the league.

            And what is your issue with our home field?! You sound like you want to admit we have the #1 stadium and loudest fans in the NFL but it bugs you so much that you have to bite your lip to avoid cursing us for it. As if our fans are really just a sort of ‘Tuck rule’ waiting to be dealt with by the competition committee.

          • dulcetpine

            Take a breath brother, you’re gonna have a stroke.

            Lets say then that your DB’s don’t hold any more than other DB’s, fine. They most certainly did hold on the calls where flags were thrown and it decided the game to an extent, so quit whining about it. You are the second most penalized team in the league, which is either because of league bias or style of play. Again, stats don’t lie.

            I’d take my 49er D over yours any day of the week. Check the link, there is no category where you guys are head and shoulders better than the 49ers, I don’t care how you homer rank your own personnel the stats don’t lie.

            Also your uniforms are ugly.


          • skeletony

            Did you actually think you got a rise out of me or are you trolling again? I am going to assume the latter judging by this post. Trolling or not though for a 49er fan to call ANY other team’s jerseys ugly is quite a feat! LOL! You guys look like a cross between something from Babes in Toyland and the worst jerseys from the old “World League Football” (before they became NFL Europe)!

            Your Defense is not in our league. You can cry about it if that makes you feel better but your defense is old and slow for the most part. I do not think you believe your defense is better than ours for a minute. Half of them will be retiring soon whereas ours are mostly under 26 years old. We are head and shoulders above your defense in pass coverage, pass rushing and linebacker play. Our rush defense is too inconsistent to say it is better than yours but give them another year.

          • dulcetpine

            You are easy to get a rise out of. The uniform was a lighthearted jab that apparently you took personally. I bet all of your friends want to slap you when you talk football.

            Only Justin Smith is old on our D and he is still a beast. I’ll will give you the edge on the pass rush and a slight edge on cornerbacks but our safeties are on par and you are insane if you think your LB’s are better than the 49ers. Willis & Bowman are arguably the best tandem in the league and you would want them on your team in a second if you are being honest. Tally it up and I’d say it is a wash. What really makes your team better overall is your QB play. Wilson is more advanced the Kap by quite a bit especially in crunch time. Frank Gore’s huge run and our D won the game this week.

            I love my Niners but that is pretty objective right there and everything you have said proves you are an extreme homer who thinks their team is the best. No harm in that I suppose. I actually think you guys are going to make it to the Super Bowl and have a really good shot at winning it whereas I think this isn’t my Niner’s year.

          • Tony L. Castleberry

            Nah…sorry bro’ but a LOT of my friends are actual trolls. All they DO is try to get a rise out of people and they cannot get a rise out of me. You are like Woody Allen to their Mike Tyson. Fully knew you could not have been serious about the uniforms and I responded in kind.
            BTW, just as you are allowed to believe that your team is somehow equal to the Hawks defensively, I am quite well grounded saying they are not. Calling each other “homers” does nothing to make anyone’s case.
            I agree that Frank Gore’s run was the straw that broke us in that game but we also gave up a lot of plays we should not have been giving up. It was like the D-coordinator just could not make adjustments.

            I will take Wagner and Wright and Irvin and Smith (the guy replacing Wright now that he has a broken foot) over Bowman and Willis myself but they are good LBs and I admit to paying a lot more attention to our LBs than I do yours so…*shrug*.

          • dulcetpine

            *Internet High Five*

            Good luck the rest of the way man!

  • RegisHawk

    Funny (or is it just convenient) how none of these SF-trolls saw all the offensive holding and offsides penalties by their own team.

    That was your Super Bowl…enjoy it.

    • Robert Dwight

      Come back when you actually win one.

      • skeletony

        You do the same.

    • dulcetpine

      It wasn’t our Super Bowl, as a 49ers fan we know when those are played. As a Seahawks fan you can only really read about it. Trust me, they are great fun.

      We just took care of business in our division. We are getting healthy and playing better all around. Outside of your Louder-than-an-AC/DC-Concert-Stadium you guys are only pretty good, not unstoppable.

      Deal with it.

      • skeletony

        Pretty desperate. We barely lost by 2 points in YOUR stadium kiddo. Not 29-3 or a 50 point drubbing. You know as well as I that if we played 10 games in Candlestick we would win 7 of those. Enjoy your win though. Zeus knows you won’t be getting many in the playoffs if you make it in.
        We are 11-2 kiddo. Get over it.

        And please children…I am honestly glad for you that over 20 years ago a completely different team won a Super Bowl and before that, in the 1980s another completely different team won Super Bowls. Do those make you feel better about not being able to get one anytime in the foreseeable future? Because we are working on getting one NOW.

        • dulcetpine

          A win is a win in the end, who cares what the final score is. If it makes you feel better to believe that you guys would win 7/10 games at Candlestick go ahead. You didn’t win the one that counts.

          Your stout defense had it’s chances but couldn’t stop Frank Gore, the best power runner in the league or Kap on a 3rd and long scramble.

          If you win in the playoffs send a thank you card to the douches who designed your stadium. I mean, you’ve had some pretty impressive wins this year… squeaking by the panthers, texans, titans, rams and bucks.

          • skeletony

            See, you were doing fine…up until you made the flagrantly absurd declaration that Frank Gore is the best power RB in the league. Sorry kiddo but Marshawn Lynch holds that title still. Frank Gore is lucky to play behind an admittedly great O-line but he is a 30 year old better-than-average RB. He is not a Hall of Famer. He is not and has never been great.
            Yes though we have the fastest Defense in the league by far, even our defense cannot catch Kaepernick most of the time. We probably do better than anyone else at that but he is quick and you had the better game, despite the questionable officiating.

            Oh and here it is…I was wondering when you were going to drag out the stadium B.S. Listen, send a letter to the owner of the 49ers and tell him to hire someone from Seattle to design your next stadium. Then quit whining about ours.

            We beat the Panthers by 5 in their house. The rest of the league is having a hard time getting by the Panthers at all. Including a certain bay area NFL team who lost at home to the Panthers! So you might want to think a bit before posting such drivel. Titans have beat a bunch of good teams this year but we beat them (what was that you were saying a few minutes ago about “a win is a win”? *chuckle*). Texans were a few analysts Super Bowl picks before the season started and the wheels did not really start coming off for them until they played us. You think the Rams are a bad team?! We beat them in their house also. For a team who can’t win on the road (as you implied several times now) we sure are winning a lot on the road this year. Bucs are another team that is much better than their record as we have seen lately.

            Bottom line: If you don’t like the Hawks then that is fine. That is kind of how division rivalries work. But try to steer clear of the absurdities, disrespect and bald assertions that we are “cheating”. It just makes you guys look like you have already given up on the season and are searching for excuses for why you could not advance through the playoffs.

          • dulcetpine

            Thanks man, we did have the better game.

            Your team won the close ones this year and the 49ers haven’t. That is the key to a winning season and quite honestly something that the 49ers have done the past couple years so I guess it balances out this year. Only your QB play is better than the 49ers and that admittedly is a huge advantage but it won’t last forever. Kap has talent he is just green. You guys are crazy lucky to have a young QB like Wilson who comes in and is just good, that really doesn’t happen. I mean how do you think you’d be with Flynn as your starter! Haha, you’d probably be 3rd in the division and on the outside looking in at the wildcard.

            And really don’t ever disrespect Frank Gore. He’s a class act who I am proud wears the red & gold. He carried this team for years when they were horrible and stayed loyal and focused. Best 49er running back ever and even at 30 the best power runner. Power runner doesn’t just mean put your head down and try to run over people like Lynch, it means slow and patient, find your lanes and get to your spot. Gore is excellent at that which is why he has the most 20+ yard runs in the league this season. His YPC the same as Lynch, he has 40 less carries than Lynch which is why Lynch has more overall yards (that and opposing defenses stacking the run for the 5 week span where Kap coudn’t throw for jack). Most people want Frank on their team, I guarantee that.

  • zinn21 zinn21

    What a crock of garbage by Sherman… The Seahawks DB’s hold every play… Every play… No wonder they’re 11-2. NFL Ref crews are finally starting to call them on it. If they Ref’d the game by rule we would still be playing the game because they would have to call defensive holding every play!!! Sherman’s upset because Anquan Boldin schooled him all game….

    • skeletony

      Ok…so this will be the new meme you feed everyone? Good luck with that. The commentators calling the game seem to disagree with you but I guess they are Seattle agents too eh?

      • zinn21 zinn21

        Lose the moron picture. What are you a San Quentin wannabe? The Hawks hold every play. If the refs called it legit it would be a 6 hour game every week..Look at the Coaches tape if you can afford it…

        • Tony L. Castleberry

          …Says the basement dweller who dare not upload a picture of himself because it would ruin his ability to make asinine comments about every other picture he sees on the net. Amazing that you somehow got “San Quentin wannabe” from a tiny, poorly lit close up, about 3% of a much larger picture…but I will not dwell on you kids and your internet bravado. Run along and listen to your ‘Wrong Direction’ boy band crap child.
          Also you should read what has already been posted before hitting the ‘submit; button. That way you avoid saying dumb crap that has already been refuted.

          • zinn21 zinn21

            Your pompous drivel underwhelms me…

  • skeletony

    SF trolls, you should learn about football before trying to troll football fans. Hawks DBs do not hold so quit your whining. I can’t believe you are offering conspiracy theories that the refs somehow, for some reason woke up this year and said “Hey…I know we traditionally have worked against Seattle when making bad calls but this year let’s just arbitrarily decide to work for them.”.

    If you had watched the game without your blinders on you would have seen at least two ‘phantom illegal-hands-to-the-face’ calls where no such thing occurred. That is 30 yards and at least one negated big play against us right there. Then there were egregiously late hits that San Fran did not get called for, holding that San Fran did not ever get called for (at least a half dozen times!).

    San Francisco 40 whiners + 13 guys who want to play for Seattle. LOL!

    • Robert Dwight

      seems like you are the one that’s whining.

    • dulcetpine

      Your team lost. Deal with it.

      • skeletony

        That they did. What are you talking about? Were you under the impression I was not aware of this? I watched the game kiddo.

  • Sea Shepherd John

    Yea, and the Hawks benefited from many NON-calls… you guys are starting to play dirtier than the Raiders.